Eat Your Vegetables

6:21 PM

I don't like meat very much.
After years of picking out the chicken and trying to get the scoops of casserole with the least chunks of meat in them, 
I finally realized that I don't have to be a meat eater if I don't like it.
I get asked a lot if I get enough protein, or how and what I eat, and I have to say, it has been a work in progress. 
I won't pretend like I'm the wife that makes dinner every night (or that I have a husband who doesn't like meat either- trust me, he does!) or that I'm always a healthy eater. However, I do try to eat healthy, and I have learned a thing or two about how to be a vegetarian.

Protein comes from many sources, not just meat. Beans, cheese, yogurt, and nuts are all staples in my diet and they provide me with all the protein I need. Plus, they are filling!
Sometimes I'm even super cool and eat my yogurt with a fork at work when I forget my spoon.

I really do love vegetables, and I've been that way even since I was a little kid who wasn't concerned about her figure. But I LOVE dressing them up. I'm a huge sauce person, and I love flavor. Some of my favorite meals are different mixtures of sautéed vegetables loaded with spices and topped with cheese and some kind of sauce. 
I know it didn't photograph too great, but for part of my dinner tonight, I sautéed some mushrooms in olive oil, garlic, pepper, and sea salt and topped it with marinara sauce. It was delicious!

Eating out doesn't have to be hard. Because I love vegetables and I love sauce, I can always find a full, filling salad on the menu that sounds delicious. A lot of restaurants also have other vegetarian options with tofu substitutions (I don't love tofu- to me, it still tastes meaty!). I also haven't run into any problems when others prepare dinner for me... there are always sides and usually nobody notices or cares if I replace my chicken breast with extra pasta salad. 

I've been trying to actually cook healthy vegetarian recipes so I can learn more meals that I can make regularly and quickly. Pinterest is my best friend when I'm trying to find recipes. There are so many, and if it's not already a vegetarian recipe, it's really easy to substitute the meat part of recipes with a vegetable mixture. I don't feel like I'm missing out at all; I just don't have to pick out the meat anymore!

Any other vegetarians or not-so-much fans of meat out there?
What are your favorite vegetarian meals?

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  1. My friend H. is a vegetarian and blogger. She just recently made a vegetarian recipe index. They look pretty delish and I even like meat!!

  2. I was a vegetarian for years. But I do like meat, so now I just make sure that our menus intersperse meaty and no-meaty meals!

  3. I think that bowl of mushrooms looks delicious! I don't claim to be a vegetarian, but I could go without eating meat ever. My husband, though, probably wouldn't like that.

  4. I'm definitely a meat eater, but we don't eat meat very often.. so learning foods that contain a lot of protein is super helpful on the nights we don't have meat! I look forward to seeing some vegetarian recipes :)

  5. Oh my gosh, I had no idea that you were a vegetarian! I love this post and your love for vegetables, especially mushrooms-yum! Russel's dad is super vegan so we both became vegan when we got married because Russel is lactose intolerant and I couldn't stand the thought of cooking (mostly touching) raw meat. Then I went through ice cream withdrawals. Then I OD'ed on ice cream. And now I'm back on what I call the veganarian track because I'm still trying to stay away from dairy but I LOVE fish and if you watch Parks and Rec, you will know that fish meat is practically a vegetable anyway.

    Sorry for the longest comment ever, but if you can stand bawdy language and sexual references regarding food, you might like Skinny B***h or Skinny B***h in the Kitch. The book gives a ton of information about the meat industry, health risks of drinking coffee and beer, and suggestions on how to kick the habit of eating unhealthy foods. (Not that you need all that, just plugging the book). In the Kitch is a recipe book with tons of yummy meat-free dishes. I love their garlic fries and Vegan Enchiladas.

    I know you're not Vegan, but Veganomicon is like the Vegan Bible and has a million meat-free recipes that even Trevor might enjoy a time or two. Russel makes a mean "Snobby Joes".