7:31 PM

We've already discussed the fact that I'm not a runner.  I just don't LOVE it.  I have been trying to do a couple of 4 mile runs a week just to keep my cardio up, but last week I tried two workouts I haven't done for a while and it was awesome.  I actually had fun being at the gym and worked muscles that I don't normally work!

1) Yoga!  I love yoga because:
- it stretches me out and makes me feel like all my joints are put back where they belong
- I feel cool when I put my body in weird positions
- I get a great strength workout without being hard on my joints
- I get to take a little nap at the end, how awesome is that?!

2) Lap swimming.  I love lap swimming because:
- I can't tell how hard I'm sweating
- I don't beat up my joints like when I run
- It's a total body/cardio/aerobic workout all in one
- It's incredibly relaxing to be all alone in the quiet water

Let me just say that I will definitely be keeping both of these workouts in the mix this summer!  

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  1. I started at a new gym today! Much more exciting than running down the gravel road! Hoping I can stay motivated with it. I really wish I had a pool to swim at. That sounds so refreshing!

  2. I do love a good run, but it's so fun to do yoga, and I always feel so relaxed and empowered at the same time when I do it. And swimming is my all time favorite summer activity, so that is a definite yes!