The Big 100!

1:20 PM

This is officially the 100th post of our sister blog! Regardless of how many or few people read it, we LOVE the outlet to write about whatever we want for whomever may care. I'm feeling some redecorating coming on around these parts... so stay tuned!

Working full time has brought back the true meaning of a weekend: sleeping in on Saturday! I have to say that I'm feeling fantastic after cuddling up to my man and sleeping in until an embarrassingly late hour followed by my last sweat session on the treadmill for the week. 

Here's a few bits of goodness from the week:

We finally saw the Avengers! LOVED it. So many superheroes, so little time.

Maxi dresses are officially the greatest trend since blue jeans. Most comfortable articles of clothing in my closet, versatile to boot, and so breezy for summer!

Fresh hair!!! There is nothing I love more than some newly bleached roots. I also LOVE the way she toned it to a more honey blonde this time. And, super bonus, it took like an hour and a half! 

Happy Saturday! Enjoy it!

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  1. I also got "fresh hair" this weekend! Yours looks great.

  2. Im yet to jump on the Maxi dress bandwagon. I really want to I just havent found one Im crazy about! Love the hair!! Im actually considering showing this to my stylist. Problem?!