We're Alive!

8:09 PM

I know, I KNOW ... big time slacking in the blog world. 
Here's the quick version of what we've been up to lately:

Trevor is in Chemistry for the summer. Ergo, a vast majority of his time is spoken for. We do still have plenty of time to curl up and watch the Big Bang Theory at night though. Priorities.

I'm still absolutely loving my job. The people are fantastic, the work is great. I'm even getting used to waking up at 6:30 in the morning if you can believe it!
I may or may not be the weird girl who lays out during lunch break. It's fine.

We had a fabulous mother's day at my Grandma's house. Love celebrating those fabulous ladies in our life!
The most amazing cookies I have ever made. SO GOOD!!!

Also- we got to talk to Jacob (Trevor's brother on a mission in Mexico)!!! So fun!!!

This weekend we're heading out to Las Vegas to celebrate Trevor's grandma's 90th (!) birthday. Totally ready for some sun and a quick little weekend getaway!

Best find ever: only the good flavors!!!

Also- find me on instagram!!! It's a party. My username is Daniellehansen.

I promise the next time I post won't be in a month. :)

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  1. So glad you are back to blogging I was going through withdrawls!!! Love Big Bang Theory!!!

  2. Oh, girl! BBT always belongs at the top of the priority list. Love it!!


  3. I totally lay out during my lunch break too. it's totally cool

  4. whats your cookie recipe? i'm still trying to find the best chocolate chip recipe ever.


  5. Yay that you are on IG!!! I'm purposelyathome. ;) I'll definitely find you later today...