This and That

8:16 PM

I currently have a sore body from the flu,
a stomach full of Cafe Rio (maybe not my best idea ever in retrospect),
and a bunch of pictures.

 First of all, 1 more outfit:
Nothing quite as cozy as a cotton dress with leggings and boots.

And of course, food:

I am obsessed with freeze dried fruit of any kind. I love you Target!!!
Also obsessed with cookies of any kind. And not to be conceited, but these are the best cookies I have ever made!! I love pinterest.
 I've noticed a trend in the pictures I put on instagram. Most of them have to do with either food or clothes/shopping. 2 of my favorite things!

Right now we're preparing for a weekend excursion to Las Vegas this weekend. Can't wait to go on a mini vaca!!


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  1. I hope you feel better soon!!! I love interest too, and those cookies look delish! :)

  2. 2 of my favorite things also!!!

  3. Those cookies look delicious.

  4. ill have to try that dried fruit!

  5. I love the pattern on your dress! Great blog.