How does this happen?

6:17 AM

We've been dealing with a weird phenomenon at our house this week-- we have run out of EVERYTHING at the same time!

Does this ever happen to anyone else?  

I mean it's ridiculous.  

I'm not talking about running out of chocolate or bread or light bulbs.  I'm talking about running out of things we NEED that we can't really substitute with something else:

- dishwasher soap
-toilet paper
- shampoo AND body wash
- hand soap for the bathroom
- gallon ziploc bags
- dryer sheets
- stain spray

Seriously?! I go to the store about 3 times a week to pick up all the random things that families require.  I also keep really good lists in my phone so when we run out of something I can pick it up right away.

But somehow this week my system broke down and we became incapable of functioning.  I mean I couldn't wash the dishes, or the clothes, or take a shower, or even use the restroom!  

Thankfully I hit up Wal-mart and Costco and remedied the situation.  So we are all stocked up again, but it was a little ridiculous for a few hours there.

Please tell me I'm not the only one that this happens to. 

On a totally unrelated note, I thought I'd share this laugh for the day, since there isn't really a picture that goes with this post.  My son was playing polly pockets and couldn't find Polly's head, so he came up with this solution: a squinky.
Talk about having something stuck up your you-know-what :)

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  1. I'm laughing at all of it! especially the picture!! at least he found some sort of head, haha!

  2. HAHAHAHA too funny

    and no you are not the only one this happens to lol

  3. Timely post...this very thing has happened to me this week and I am OVER it!!! :-)

  4. Haha, I haven't seen a polly pocket in years. That's definitely an interesting solution :) Very innovative!

  5. happens to us all the time. Seriously, I feel like I live at the grocery store and still never have what I need. And that last pic is hilarious

  6. That just happened to me today, and my wallet is now a sad sight!