Happy Birthday Big Brother!

7:48 AM

It's Garrett's birthday!
I love birthdays, and I love brothers.
Garrett is the greatest big brother in the universe.
I'm SO glad we get to live near each other and party hardy all the time!!

This is why I love my brother:
He will do anything on a whim
He is happy and the most generous person I know
He loves kids
He is brilliant
He makes everything fun
He laughs at my jokes (I like people who let me pretend I'm funny)
He freely admits his love for cheese
He takes good care of me (even though he doesn't want you to know he is a total teddy bear)
He always drives
He is so non judgmental and open
He hangs out with me when I'm bored
He deals with me when I'm being annoying
And he is awesome.

 I love you Garry!!!

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  1. This is so sweet! I hope he'll read this- sometimes words written about us show the extra special love that we can't say verbally :) Happy birthday to him!

  2. Happy happy birthday to your brother Garry! He sounds like an awesome older brother :D

  3. Such a sweet post! You don’t know how time flies. It looks like my daughter was born yesterday and in the coming month she will be married. My son has picked up one of the best Chicago wedding venues for her wedding. They used to fight like crazy when they were kids but now it seems like nobody can tear them apart.