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6:55 PM

Please excuse our absence from the blog world this past week- we have been running around like crazy with our Grandma's funeral and everything that goes along with it. It has been a bittersweet weekend, but it was honestly so fun to have the whole family together. We loved reminiscing on all our favorite Grandma memories!

In honor of Grandma, a bunch of us cousins decided to get some snappy shoes for the weekend. Grandma LOVED her hot heels, and we know it's what she would have wanted. Naturally, we chose DSW, also known as Heaven.
 Shoes are so great. They never make you feel fat. Just sexy.
There were tons of babies around with all our cousins' kids. Oh. My. Gosh... this little lady is 4 weeks old and I stole her every chance I got! As did my man :) Doesn't it just melt your heart?!

 We also went to Village Inn for lunch one day, because Grandma loved that place. Holy delicious wall of pies!

Best part: unexpected visit with my SARAH! I can't wait until we live closer to each other!
Now I'm trying to reorganize my life for the next week. Between Vegas last weekend and all the craziness of this past week, I feel like my life is a little out of hand! It will be good to rejuvenate and get back to normal starting tomorrow. And back to normal also means back to better blogging, of course! :)

XO, Danielle

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  1. So sorry to hear about your grandmother but so glad you were able to spend some quality time with the family. :) I hope you have an awesomesauce week! ;)


  2. So sorry about your grandma! Sounds like you all did exactly what she would want you to do!

  3. Shoe shopping is the best form of memorial.