For Your Entertainment: Embarrassing Stories

9:34 PM

The past few days have reminded me just how well my blush reflex works.
#1. Once upon a time, my male boss and I were meeting about how I'm going to work on social media for the office.
He asked about if I'm familiar with posting things, etc...
I said I have a girly blog with my sister.
He wanted to see it.

He scrolled through a whole page. I was only a little mortified.

#2. Realtors have anniversaries every year, when their earnings for the year reset. It is my job as the secretary to write the birthday and anniversary cards each month and make sure people sign them. Birthday cards were pre typed, easy enough. The anniversary cards were blank, so I was supposed to write a little message congratulating them on another year of real estate. I obviously have no previous knowledge of the real estate business. Here's what I wrote:

Dear ____ Family, congratulations on your anniversary! We hope it's a wonderful day! 

Turns out, they don't mean wedding anniversaries.

That being said... 
Our 30 day no shopping challenge started this week! The goal of this challenge is to 1. Not shop and 2. try to come up with new, cute combinations with what we already have (instead of just turning to our regular go-to outfits we've worn tons of times). It helps us get more creative and step out of our box a little, which is so. fun. Here's what I came up with my first couple of days:
This outfit is thrifted except for the boots (Forever Young shoes). The dress is originally from Forever 21 and the leggings are originally from Target. I am a huge consignment shopper!

Ok, this outfit... not so creative. I promise better things will come!
Old Navy shirt, Kohl's pants, Forever 21 shoes.

... and the day before necessity stock up:
$14 knockoff Sperry's

Lost one of my square CZ earrings... so I replaced it with these 4 which are much more fresh-looking (and bigger :)).

XOXO, Happy Friday!

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  1. Sooo funny! Sounds exactly like something I would do! hahaha!

  2. That's too funny your boss wanted to see your blog! At least he didn't laugh or do anything to further embarrass you :)
    I would have assumed they knew what I was talking about ;) and played it off that way. Haha!
    I'm a little lost on the 30-day-no-shopping challenge.. I'm easily confused!

  3. I have had similar embarrassing moments! I really love the thrifted outfit!

  4. Thanks for the laugh! Your thrifted outfit is super cute! I'm loving those shoes, also!!!! I'm noticing I don't buy for myself as much anymore, the kids' clothes are much more fun to buy! I think this Mama needs to go on a shopping trip!!

  5. love those earrings..sparkly studs are the best!

  6. Funny story! Love the Sperry's!

  7. Ha ha that is so funny about the cards! Cute outfits!

  8. ha that is funny. but the whole time i was thinking, "that is weird that they would write cards to the employees for their anniversaries." needless to say, i would have done the EXACT same thing:)

  9. Love the kock off Sperry's....I put a little birdy in my hubs ear that Mothers Day is approaching and the houndstooth sperrys would look great on my feet this summer HA!!!

  10. I bet the first one was more impressive than embarrassing for your boss.