Farmer's Tan and a Bit of Everything

8:54 PM

I may or may not be the weird girl that lays out during lunch break. It's fine. Workin' on that farmer's tan, baby! Seriously though... it's getting defined. And I'm really ok with it because all anyone's going to be seeing this summer is my arms and face anyways! Bring on the strange looks and sunshine.

Speaking of bright things... I found these for $8.99 last week! SO CHEAP for running shorts! Love them.

30 day no-shopping challenge installment 2: 
Mixing prints. Loved it. 

Not my best outfit picture, but I'll take it. Loving these colored jeans! Also- I may or may not have gotten to work and realized there was a big stain on my shirt. That's the worst!

Baseball t. Love it.

And in other news...
I got a shoe rack! 
Finally I don't have to dig through a shelf every morning.
Just wondering why it took me 2 and a half years to spend the $8?

Also, have any of you tried dry shampoo? I was thinking pretty hard about trying it out yesterday when I really didn't want to rewash my hair A-GAIN. What brand? Where do you get it?

That's about all I have in me for today. It is almost 10 and this grandma is going to bed. 
Have a fabulous Friday!

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  1. Dan, dry shampoo is one of te greatest products you will ever discover!! I use te cheap Suave brand and it works like a charm. Im only telling you this because you won't judge- but my hair can totally go 3 days without a wash. It's a life saver. My friend tried Tresemme and wasnt as impressed. Ps you are looking so tiny and so beautiful! Loooove you!

  2. I use Oscar Blandi's dry shampoo - but only when I can't get near a shower. Otherwise my hair is too fine and greasy looking!

  3. Running shorts for $9? That is a great deal! ") And I love your colored jeans!