7:41 PM

I promised you a post about my feelings towards clutter.  

I'm sure you have all been waiting on pins and needles to read it.


None the less, my hubby ran out to get me a milkshake (cause he's awesome and because his company took him to a five star restaurant for dinner and I made him feel guilty) and I have a few minutes between folding loads of laundry, so I'm going to take this opportunity to enlighten you all.

I once read something that changed my life:

Stuff= negative energy

The more stuff you have the less energy you will have because you will spend time:

- moving it around
- putting it away
- caring for it
- making decisions about whether to keep it
- searching through it to look for other stuff
- keeping track of it 
- thinking/worrying about it etc.

Get it?!  If you can simplify, you will have more energy to spend on other things.

I am by no means perfect in this regard.  I like to shop.  I like to buy my kids toys.  I don't like to be wasteful.  But here are some things that I do to keep the stuff under control in my house:

- avoid accepting things from people just because they are free
- avoid buying things on sale just because they are cheap, only bring things home that you have a specific purpose for
- buy enough clothing for your needs, but not more, my kids each have about a weeks' worth of clothing because I do laundry once a week
- at Christmas and birthdays sort through the toys that you aren't using anymore and donate, store, or throw away the excess
- throw away cheap toys like happy meal toys and party favors as soon as they have worn out their novelty
- store and label things that are really important to you

and my number one piece of advice:

- if you haven't worn it, used it, or even thought about it for a year, get rid of it (with the exception of memorabilia).  I stick to this rule and there have only been a couple of times that I've regretted getting rid of something.

One final thing, please do not interpret my hatred of clutter as a me being a neat freak.  I'm totally not.  I just hate dealing with more messes and more stuff than is necessary.  One of my proudest achievements is the fact that we can fit a full size truck and a mini van in our garage (and we don't have a basement). 

Now, go forth and de-clutter!  You will feel SO much better and more in control of your life!

And finally, while we are talking about stuff and birthdays, here's my girly-girl on her 6th b-day showing off her new shades!  Diva in training, let me tell ya!

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  1. O how cute is your girl?? And I agree, clutter is bad. I am in the same way with our boys, I clean out their toy room constantly. My sis in law even skips bday gifts and asks people to bring stuff for carepackages for the troops! We all only need so much stuff. Great post!

  2. I love this! I have a book all about how clutter in your home clutters your mind and creates negative energy. I think it's so true! I just need to take the time and de-clutter my home. Every spring I feel like this! Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I know SO many people who just buy things because it's a great deal. I'm a constant purger and have committed to having a yearly yard sale!

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog! This is so true about stuff. Just last night I was watching an episode of FRIENDS and Chandler gets into Monica's locked closet (she is really organized), but her closet was a mess. She said it was all the stuff that didn't have a spot in the house, so she made a spot. I would have sold it or gave it to goodwill haha Anyway just started following you, hope you follow me back :)