Another awkward and awesome

12:27 PM

Awesome: Mother's day breakfast in bed

Awkward: I was in the shower when the whole family came trooping into my room to bring me breakfast.  Thankfully the kids are all young and it's no biggie, but still kind of silly when the baby stands there expectantly holding your fork waiting for you to finish washing your hair.

Awesome: Ice cream cone cupcakes for Madi's 6th.  I think they look quite convincing.

Awkward: This is the only one that didn't tip over and get wrecked en route to the party :(

Awesome: My three kids!  They make me so darn happy about 95% of the time.   We won't talk about the other 5%!  And they make motherhood worth it!

Awkward: I fell off a chair on Thursday trying to hang up decorations for a cinco de mayo party I was throwing for my dinner group (two parties in one week, we are party animals!).  I know, not the most attractive shot, but at least I didn't show you the bruises on my behind!

Awesome: All of mother's day!  It was a great one.  Breakfast in bed!  Sleeping in!  Kids sang at church! Hubby spoke at church and got a little emotional, which was super rare and super sweet.  Sitting on my butt doing nothing!  And snuggles from my little man!

Awkward/Annoying: These two crazy boys who snuck into my bathroom and got themselves drenched.  And don't think I was being negligent.  Oh no, I was downstairs scrubbing puke out of my carpet cause baby had a stomach bug.  Thankfully water is much easier to clean up than puke.

Awesome: Jogging with my boys.  I kind of feel hard core.  Cause they aren't lightweights.

Awkward: Jaxon always tries to ask me questions while I run.  Which is really hard because when I'm pushing 100 lbs. and trying to run I can't really talk.  Also, right after this picture was taken it started raining and we got DRENCHED!

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  1. I love that 95% of the time. And seriously, what is it with boys and bathrooms? It is the first place my two go to wreak havoc if my back is turned.

  2. Those cupcakes look amazing. I may just have to make some one time.
    glad your mother's day was so amazing! you kiddies are adorable.

  3. First the kiddos adorable. Second, honey bunny, you are supposed to drink and fall off chairs during cinco de mayo not before. Just a handy tip.

  4. I really like the idea of an ice cream cupcake!!