We Love the Weekend!

5:07 PM

Dear blog lovies,
Weekends have taken on a new meaning for me (again). In high school, I lived for the weekends. In college, it wasn't as big of a deal because classes could be later, sleep was optional, work was sporadic, etc. Now that I work a 9-5, weekends are FABULOUS! Loving this time to hang out with my hubby.

Today, we (ok I) slept in, went for a run, showered, and then we wandered Home Depot and the mall for a while. We also hit up Costa Vida for some delicious Mexican food. Perfect Saturday. Now we're waiting for 6 to come around so we can go get tickets for Hunger Games tonight! I know, we're way behind. But at least we're going. 

Otherwise, here's what we've been up to Instagram style: (instagram with me! It's SOOO fun!
My username is daniellehansen)

Found this on the vending machine at work. Haha.

Only the flavors I like!!!

I have a problem.
Happy Secretary Day to me! Mmm. My coworkers are the greatest.
Playing wheelchairs at Grandma's
My cute man doing his Athletic Training thing
Cheetah pants. Cheap sandals. All is well in my world.

2 other things:

1: Sarah and I are starting a 30 day challenge of no shopping, using what we have in our closets, making new outfit combinations... Starting on Monday. We've done it before here and here. Be prepared for a lot of outfit pictures! :)

2. Link up with us on Monday for our Motivational Airmail Day! Any goals for the week, motivation to get you moving on Monday, or good vibes you have to share with all of us are wanted :). This week, I'll just have anyone who wants to join leave their link in the comments section on Monday! It will be fun!

XOXOXO Happy Weekend!

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  1. Okay, can I share that problem with you. I'm in love with them all!

  2. I feel like I do that 30 day challenge a bunch (I haven't shopped for clothes since you came with me). Well with summer, and Kyle's approval I'll be getting to have a little (pretty tiny) shopping spree. Summer and beach clothes...yipee!

    And you're coworkers are awesome!

  3. um so #1 I didn't realize you finally found 5 pairs of pants. Also #2 I may need to wait until Tuesday for the 30 day challenge. I think I NEED one more pair of pants

  4. I just made a pact with my boyfriend that I wouldn't buy any clothes until July. Yikes!

  5. yay, love outfit pictures! i should jump on this bandwagon sometime. such a great concept! and i am loving those cheetah pants!
    xo TJ