7:26 PM

Dear Readers,

I feel like we owe you an apology.  Back at the beginning of March Danielle and I made a pact that we would try to post 6 days a week.  And we did pretty good for a while.  Then Easter hit and we both started traveling and having company and working real jobs and we started slacking.

SO sorry.  Please forgive us. We promise we will do better, hopefully.  I do so love writing on this blog and having an outlet for my thoughts.  And I enjoy meeting new people and learning about your lives as well.  


Sarah (and Danielle)

That being said, and while we are on the subject of slacking, let me just say that I have been slacking in a lot of areas lately, especially cooking dinner.  Week nights are just SO crazy around here.  There are a million things to be done and only about 4.5 hours from the final school bell until bedtime.  But I am recommitting myself to cooking real dinner at least twice a week.  We can eat leftovers and do quick stuff like breakfast-for-dinner on the other days.  I'm trying to be realistic here.

So there you go.  My two goals: blog more consistently AND cook dinner more consistently.

I mean, surely if I can....

....spend 4 straight hours on a plane with 2 boys...

....clean up the poop splats all over the carpet when the baby figures out how to take his diaper off (look closely, there's a little trail)...

...and make crazy awesome stick horses for Texas day....

...then I can definitely blog three times a week and find the time to cook real meals, right?!

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  1. I'm coming to your house. I want to make a stick horse for Texas day.

  2. You should find some good crock pot recipes you love, it is such a huge time saver when the kids are home from school and you are running around trying to do a million things.

    Also, I feel blogging should be fun and never at the expense of your family. Give yourself a break, you're doing great.

  3. Haha!! I remember the first week Charlie learned to take his diaper off. That was fun.

  4. You can! You can! My life is very similar, but I consider my blog time, my 'me' time and I love it :)