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Greetings from Utah.  I, Sarah, made the 1,200 mile trek from Dallas to Salt Lake yesterday.  Not gonna lie.  It was a LOOOONG day.  I only have my 2 boys with me, but traveling with kids, even if it's not the whole gang, is exhausting.  

I've only been here a few hours, but I'm seeing again that there is something to be said about the bond that I have with those who share parts of my genetic code (or the genetic code of my husband, cause if they have similarities with him then I will probably like them!)  I've got a brother, a sister, three brothers-in-law, and a nephew here in Utah, so you know we are going to be spending a lot of family time!

It's just so awesome that I have known these people my whole life, or at least the last eight years since Chris and I met, and our understanding of each other goes deeper than that of a casual friend.  I mean we share the same parents/in-laws, home town, beliefs, etc.  We grew up liking the same food.  We have similar hobbies.  Most importantly we share a million memories and experiences, both good and bad, that have bonded us for life.  

Obviously we all have differences and we don't always get along perfectly, but since we are related we love each other no matter what, unconditionally.  

It's also really nice to know people who have known you through all your awkward stages and love you anyway!  

and a shout-out to the Wise side:

Here's to a million more awesome memories!!

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  1. welcome to utah girl! we are glad to have you :)

  2. Glad that you are able to spend time with such awesome family :) That is always so nice!

  3. awwwh you're in Salt Lake?! Next time you come here, we may have to coordinate a girl date.

  4. So fun, I love it. Glad you are happy and have these wonderful people to support and love you. Take care,


  5. What a sweet post! I love all the old family photos. :)

  6. wow! that's a long drive! and i agree, sweet words.

  7. Awesome!!!!! Love getting together with my siblings.

  8. Cutee shots! Love family photos (:

  9. I loved this post! I'm new here, but had to say hi because I just adore your blog so far!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend- I'm off to read more of your posts! xo