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As much as I am a spontaneous, "decide when you know how you feel" kind of person, I've definitely learned over the last few years of being in charge of my own schedule that I absolutely do better in life when I'm on a good routine. I also have to plan my day ahead to some degree. 

I know it's super dorky. But one of the biggest things that made me nervous about starting a full time job was how I was going to adjust my routine. 

I love staying up late and sleeping in, but I work at 9 every morning now (still not that early, let's be honest), so I have to go to sleep earlier than I used to. 

I also really prefer to get my workout done in the morning instead of getting ready for the day and then getting all sweaty later. That means waking up even earlier, and planning enough time for a morning shower and styling wet hair. 

Sarah and I also had to plan a new time to talk on the phone every day (don't worry- my lunch break is the perfect solution) when we realized that my work was seriously infringing on our daily chat time.

 My eating schedule was also all thrown off. True confession time: I have not been a big breakfast eater (or much of a breakfast eater at all) for years. Terrible! I know. One of my goals is to start making sure I have breakfast every day so I'm not starving by lunch. So far so good!

I've been really pleasantly surprised with how nice it has been to be on a "normal" schedule. 
I work 9-5:30 every day. No more weird, random, unpredictable hours.
I don't really have many night commitments, and now that we don't have company in town any more like we did for the last month, 5:30 to bedtime is totally enough time to do everything I want to do.
I've also been waking up at- wait for it- 6:30 every morning. To anyone who knows me, this is a miracle. But I have loved starting off the day with a run and a shower, knowing that when I get home at night, I'm done for the day! And to be honest, it hasn't even been hard as long as I get to bed at a good time. I've actually woken up at 6:29 on my own every day except maybe twice. So disappointing when you don't get to go back to sleep, but SO much better than waking up to an alarm from a super deep sleep!

And food: I've started packing a good lunch every night before bed. Right now I'm on a salad kick, and it's so satisfying in the middle of the day. I also bring yogurt and apples to hold me over in the morning and the afternoon. It's worked out perfectly. Also, the front desk candy jar is within arms reach. Talk about un-needed temptation... but I do love me a good Tootsie Pop during my afternoon lull.

Moral of this story: I definitely work better with a schedule. 
What do you do regularly that helps you function better? I start off the day with a good dose of endorphins. I feel like it makes everything better all day long.
Have any get-ready-fast tips? I try to figure out in my head what I'm going to wear while I'm in the shower. It sometimes works.

And, just for fun, a little bit of the weekend at Grandma's:

P.s. I realize I gave ABSOLUTELY no notice for our link up on Monday. I'm new at this, so thanks for being patient :) But, if we did make it a weekly thing, or at least did it next Monday, would you guys want to link up? I would love to hear all the fantastic ways you beat the Mondays and stay motivated for the week. Let me know what you think!

XO, Danielle

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  1. I function so much better with a predictable schedule! Obviously there are times when we have to be flexible but for the most part if I plan as much as I can ahead, my day will run much smoother. I don't know that I have any great tips except that I make my lunch the night before, lay out my clothes (or group them in the closet), pack my gym bag, and set out our breakfast the night before. Oh, when I take salads for lunch that I've made the night before I put a layer of paper towels on top of the salad & store it upside down. It absorbs all the excess water & keeps my salad from getting soggy.

  2. I really need to get a schedule going for my family, it would help us out immensely. It's a hassle always planning things last minute and running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

  3. I work much better with a schedule, too. I took last semester off of work/school, and it took me three months to get back to a good routine. Now that I'm there though, I'm happy! :)

  4. Is it ok that I kind of hate you... a little... I am seriously useless at life, and I know a routine makes the world go around, but I just CAN'T do it at all, which is so annoying because I feel like I get nothing done, I am at the computer until all hours of the night and I am getting chubbier by the day :(

    Love Elle xo

  5. I am hopeless at waking up early - it's pathetic! Maybe I should get a real job and that would fix everything?! Who knows.

  6. I love a routine, it helps our whole family unit function better. Good for you for starting the day with a run though, I wish I had the motivation for that!

  7. I would love to link up sometime! Just let us all know.

    I am so much better with a routine. I just had my second baby 6 months ago...the thing that helps me the most with our daily routine is getting completely ready before we go downstairs/eat breakfast..whatever! It helps us get so much done.

  8. so happy to find and follow your lovely blog:) i love my little routines, too. it's funny. my grandpa's 91 and he is so regimented and strict with his routines...i used to not really understand it, but now i love the comfort and familarity they provide. for me, i love starting my morning with a devotional, strong coffee and some pretty lyrics. to get ready fast (besides pick out my clothes in the shower--i totally do that too!), i get two days out of each hair wash--first day it's down and blown out, and the next i wear it in hot curlers, which hold better the second day after a wash:) have a beautiful, blessed day, dear!

  9. We function so much better with a routine in our family!!! I'm so good about it during the week- but the weekends completely throw us off. I guess it's our perfect balance! I know that i need to get my day set up before I go to bed at night, no matter how exhausted I am. When I wake at 5 it's workout, shower, maybe a little laundry, dishes, or computer time, then get myself ready, bowl of oatmeal made that I eat on the ride, and finally- load up the littles. I start work at 7:30, and also have a 1/2 hr. commute and have to do daycare drop-off before I get there! So glad hubby is home before me to get dinner started!

  10. I love routine. All of my kids are in school full time this year and it has been somewhat of an adjustment to make the most of my time. I am like you, a morning workout must be done, if I wait it won't happen.

  11. I miss working out in the morning. I hate working out after work when I'm so tired!