Monday Airmail!

6:00 AM

Remember last week when I wrote about how I wanted this past week to turn out?
Report time: I did... okay.
I did awesome with taking my lunch to work every day, preparing it the night before. So convenient. I took healthy salads with any combination of black beans, mandarin oranges, carrots, and tomatoes, dressing on the side. Perfect!
I was given a lot of candy last week... minor (major) setback.
However, I definitely did better with my eating than I have for a few weeks! It felt great to detox a little, and this week it continues. Definitely still room for improvement.
I did not make dinner once. Oh well. Baby steps.

I also got pants to wear to work (I'm quickly exhausting my skirt and dress supply and I don't like rewearing outfits close together- hence the need for a wardrobe mix up month). I'm sure a lot of you have heard about the 30 in 30 challenge, where you choose 30 articles of clothing and mix and match them for 30 days. The way Sarah and I do it is more of just a 30 day no-shopping rule (we don't do well with too many restrictions!).

I learned a really quick and easy way to curl my hair this week, which was a definite bonus. I always curl it with a straightener, but I figured out that if I take bigger sections and just barely curl it (way faster than curling it tight), it takes so much less time and turns out nice and wavy. All about the time saving!
This week, my goals are basically the same as last week. Is that too lame of me? I just need another week, and I have a lot to work on. 

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I hope you feel stunning today! 

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  1. I agree that with healthy eating it's all about baby steps. You're doing great! My husband's out of town this week so no dinners other than leftovers and pasta will be made!

  2. Are you still curling it with a straightener but just bigger sections?? The straightener is the only way I have found to actually curl my hair...but it takes forever!!

  3. so much easier for me to dress for work when I'm only working 3 days a week...non-repeating of outfits is hard work 5 days a week!

  4. We have been really trying to eat well, and excercise 1-2x each day. I've been doing the same with taking healthy lunches, also. My problem- I totally blow it on the weekends!!! I need to much better about that!

  5. I always pack my lunch for work. Such a little thing that makes you feel so much healthier!

  6. I love your blog! We should follow each other -