Life According to my Phone

10:02 PM

Due to all the craziness of life the last couple of weeks
(family in town,
more family in town,
new full time job- you know)
the best post I have to offer is a picture dump off my phone.

This is my baby nephew Colton. I LOVE him!

 This is the cake my brother made me to celebrate the end of my lifeguarding career (yay!). Better pictures to come.

My sister and I are practicing sexy secretary hair for my job. Chignon- done.

 First day of big girl work! Love it.

 Cafe RIO!


 New shoes and bag- necessary.

 I love sugar babies... it's a problem

 My boy

 Uncle Garrett with the stud muffins

 HOT shoes


Otherwise, my sister and I are having a party.
I'm also absolutely in love with my job.
More on that later!
P.S. someone tell me how to shop for business pants!?


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  1. I love all of these pictures :) Love your workout outfit, so professional!
    Hope you have a great week!

  2. Every time I read your blog title I start singing that song.. I don't know the rest of the lyrics except for the "One fine day" part haha!
    Awesome pictures! That's great that you love your job, cute hair and outfit! I would love to have a job that I had to get dolled up for.

  3. Love the sexy shoes and secretary hair, I'm gonna have to try that one ;) G lad you're loving your new job, that is SO important!

  4. Glad you are loving your new job. On the pants, find a great tailor, they make all the difference.

  5. You two are darling! so happy I found it your cute blog!