Going Green: graduation gift

10:58 AM

It was earth day on Sunday, did you know that?! 

I always remember earth day because it's my brother's birthday.

Happy 18th, Seth!!

It's also graduation season.  Danielle just graduated from college and Seth, the birthday boy, is graduating from high school next month.  

Those two events (earth day and graduation) got me thinking about the awesomest, greenest, just plain coolest graduation gift I've ever come in contact with.  

The t-shirt quilt.  

I'm not sure where the idea came from, but when I was graduating from high school nine years ago (eek, I'm getting old), my mom suggested I take all my old t-shirts from all my various activities over the years and make a quilt with them. 

So I did.  And I LOVE it to this day.  It's SO soft and SO warm and SO sturdy.  I've used it as a quilt for my bed, a quilt for company, and even a picnic blanket.  

It's versatile, it REUSES and RECYCLES old materials and it's so fun to look and and remember all the good times from growing up! 

This is my quilt with my shirts from track, band, swimming, powder puff, girls camp, elementary school, church youth conferences etc.

And theses are my boys using my nice soft quilt as a picnic blanket in the front yard.

There you have it!  Go scrounge up some old t-shirts and make a memory quilt for your favorite grad.,  OR make one for yourself.  I'm already saving my kids' old t-shirts just to make another quilt for our family!

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  1. I have a t-shirt quilt thanks to my mom too! And I loooove it. Thank goodness for a mother's crafty side :]

  2. My brother Troy's b-day is on Earth Day too!! He turned 33. Cute quilt. I had a friend who did that too. Good idea!

  3. Hey, that's a great idea! Then I wouldn't have to listen to my hubby grumble every time I ask him to part with his collection of vintage t's!!

  4. My sister in law made us a tshirt quilt a few years ago and I swear I use it everyday. Love it!

  5. my grandma made me one of these a few years back. so special ... and cheap. i love cheap!

  6. i love this concept so much! i just wish i had a sewing machine to make one or 200 spare dollars to order one!

  7. I have one of these from hs/college. I love it! Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea.

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