1:42 PM

I love to drink.  Not alcohol, though.  I've never actually touched the stuff.

I drink ALL day long.  I always have a water bottle with me. 

I also almost always have a carbonated beverage nearby as well.  

It's not unusual to see this:

My water and my D.P. are good friends.  They hang out together all the time.

My three favorite drinks are ice cold water, Coke Zero and Dr. Pepper 10 (have you seen Dr. Pepper 10?  I know it isn't everywhere, but we have it in TX and it's AMAZING!!)

I don't think I realized how MUCH I drink until I was with Danielle last week.  I literally refilled my water bottle about 3 times each evening.  

Is that a weird habit? 

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  1. My water has to be ICE cold or I don't want it. I keep hearing great things about Dr. Pepper 10, but I haven't tried it yet. I'm thinking I need to.

  2. Good for you that you drink so much! I drink well at meals, but I could go all day and not drink anything else besides mealtime beverages! I have a bottle of water at my desk and I still don't drink enough!

  3. I love that you drink so much. It's cute. Also I was thinking of you today when I looked at the dinner table and saw 5 peoples' beverages right by each other. Sarah heaven!

  4. I'm not sure if we have Dr. Pepper 10.. I'm going to make sure to look next time we go to the store! I need to start drinking more water, lucky that you like to drink it so much!

  5. oh i am the same way! In fact, I am going to go get a glass of water right now.

  6. Thank you for finding me friend! You and me are going to be tight...I can tell! I used to drink DP until I started worrying about diabetes....so now it's Diet Coke LOL! Have a fan tas tic day~


    Dear Life From A Mom of Boys

  7. Dr. Pepper 10 is the greatest invention in the whole world. I drink that more than any other soda. Serioulsy doesn't even taste different to me.
    And my husband calls me his little camel because I am ALWAYS drinking water. When we go to a restaurant I drink my whole glass and then empty his.

  8. I need to drink MORE water!! I don't understand the Dr. Pepper thing....my sisters and mom love the stuff.