Chignons and Chocolate

9:15 PM

We are having an absolute ball here in Utah right now.
Today we spent the day shopping up a storm, visiting Grandma, and eating junk food.
I promise you, we could talk forever and still have more to talk about.

I love sister time!
(And we love Cafe Rio)

Sarah has a long history of helping me with my hair.
Right now I need ideas for fast, classy hairstyles that will stay fresh all day at work.
(P.S. I LOVE my job! More on that later, I promise!)

The other night, we turned to Pinterest for ideas (naturally) and Sarah found a tutorial for a chignon.
This hairstyle is definitely a winner.
Friday she threw my hair into one of these in about 3 minutes and I curled a little hair in front of my face and it was fantastic.
Here's a little crash course:

1. Small half ponytail on top, rat the hair in it. Put the rest of the hair in another ponytail. 

2. Tuck the bottom ponytail in over the holder of the top ponytail, topsy-tail style. All the hair will tuck into the middle, with the ratted hair from the top ponytail adding volume.

 3. Tuck it all in so it looks good, and put a few bobby pins in to keep it in place. Voila!

I'm also having a dilemma. I have some sexy shoes, a bunch of skirts and dresses, and great shirts that are pretty versatile. However, I have never owned a pair of business pants. I also don't know anyone more picky about their pants than me. I want some colored pants- light pink, seafoam green, and grey. I want skinny ankle pants that aren't just colored denim- they need to be just a little more dressy than that. I spent hours hunting for pants today but the only ones that were close were super baggy and fit really weird. If you have any clue where I should look or any advice on business casual, let me know! 

XO, Danielle

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  1. Who calls a color "seafoam green"?

  2. I always loved Gap and Banana Republic for their fits, and good quality for work pants. I don't love their prices though, but their outlet stores are decent priced for new. Vegas has a ton of outlet stores if you ever want to check next time you're there.

  3. love the hair! and i agree about going to banana or gap for work pants. they aren't the cheapest, but mine have lasted me and they are classic enough that they don't need to "go out of style".
    happy sunday!

  4. I am doing my hair like that, tomorrow. I've been needing a new do.

  5. I'm a big fan of The Limited for dress clothes...they normally have some great sales & their tops can be worn for dress or casual depending on what you wear with it! Love that hairdo!

  6. oooo! I LOVE that last photo! SO pretty. Definitely going to try it out. Thanks doll. ;)