Swimmingly Sore

6:00 AM

I run every day.
It's my favorite way to exercise because (at least in my head) it's the quickest way to get the job done.
I also sweat kind of a lot and it makes me feel like I worked hard.

I work at a pool, and all the lifeguards swim 2,000 yards every 2 weeks.
Being the one who freezes the second my toes hit the water, I prefer to knock out the whole swim in one trip rather than splitting it up.
This swim always, without fail, leaves my legs exhausted and my shoulders tight.

It's a fantastic feeling to be sore from working hard, of course. 
But it's also a really good reminder why I need to diversify my workouts.
I would love to make myself incorporate some yoga into my weeks,
along with- dare I say it- swimming.
I've read that swimming is one of the best workouts; not only is it lower-impact, but it works the whole body.
I want to find a barre class, too... I think I'd love it!
I've had some good bouts of weight training in my day and would love to bring myself back to that point... but again, I don't work up the same sweat with weights.

Now I just need to talk myself into taking the time to do these other things, but I cringe about switching out my therapeutic daily run for something that I might not get (again, in my mind) as good of a workout from.

Of course I know that when I get pregnant, I'll have to ease off the running.
Knowing that I'll hopefully be pregnant soon also makes me feel less need to work my abs (bad, I know, but what can I say?!)

What are your feelings about multiple types of workouts as opposed to sticking to the one you like best?
What's your favorite workout?

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  1. Oh goodness I am bad at always just doing elliptical. On Monday I decided to do the stair stepper and it was killer, but I liked the burn so I'll be doing it again!

  2. I'm at the same point right now. I pretty much just run because I know I can burn a lot of calories that way, but would really like to incorporate some other types of workouts. Best of luck!

  3. I love swimming! It is such a great workout! I wish that our gym had a pool. I would be there everyday. I try to switch my workouts up all the time. I had a personal trainer a while back and they said that you should switch up your workouts about every 30 days because your body gets used to them after the 30 days and then they aren't as effective.

  4. Love this post :) I'm not working out as I'm pregnant, but motivates me to want to do something after.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  5. I wish pregnancy was the excuse for my lack of abs. But it's just the lack of pilates in my life. Oops...:)

  6. I feel like running gets the job done as well! Did you know that you can continue to run for almost your entire pregnancy? I know women who runs 10-15 miles still when they are huge. As long as you were a runner before your pregnancy it is usually safe, just check with your doctor.

    my favorite workout is Pilates, followed by Running!

  7. haha! love this! i totally run too because it's just overall slimming. . . or so i tell myself. :)

    happy running today. . . i'll be thinking of you as i go around town too.

    happy wednesday friend!

  8. I enjoy running mostly, but last winter swam for fitness (due to it being sooo cold outside) and really enjoyed it! It was weird not being able to sprint in the water though - I felt like I was constantly giving everything I had! :)

  9. I LOVE running! Hopefully you won't have to stop too much when you're pregnant! But cross-training is fun too :)

  10. ummm i find this highly motivating.

  11. Running is my absolute favorite too! On my off days (2x per week) I do weight exercises. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was able to run all through my pregnancy, up until the day my son was born. (It was just a very slow jog towards the end.) I think the key is to keep it up when you first get pregnant and gradually modify your pace and distance as your pregnancy progresses. I attribute the fact that I felt so great during pregnancy to all the running I did - I was full term during July heat waves and still had no swelling! Swimming was WONDERFUL during pregnancy though because you don't feel all that extra weight in your tummy.

    Sorry for my novel of a comment! ;) Happy running!

  12. I'm a runner, through and through, like you, but since adding in boot camp, yoga, spinning, I've found that my running has improved immensely! And I love that I have found some other activities that actually give me the strength training and cross training that I need (that I used to hate to do.)

  13. I run also, but have been having some issues with my feet...grrrr. Frustrated with that. I've heard lots of good things about zumba. Thinking about ordering those. I also try to get up a little early and get in a quick 8 Minute Ad tape. I just need to be as diligent as I was with it before Jamaica:)

  14. Wow, you make me feel like I'm a total lazy bum. I used to run a lot and it always made me feel great but it wasn't my best workout. My best workout is when I go dancing. It doesn't matter what kind- it always makes me feel great and exhausted!


  15. I wish I was healthier, not only do I eat sweets way more often than I should, but I don't exercise much either.. My all time favorite exercise is horse riding, I don't get to do it much now, and when I do my legs get terribly sore!
    I should take up running every day like you.. I did for a while, but then I got work overloaded and now it's a good sign if I do it twice a week!


  16. cute blog! thanks for stopping by!

    right now I'm just trying to make myself workout on a regular basis!

    Last year at this time I was training to run my first 5k, and then we found out we were pregnant so the more difficult training stopped...I really need to get back into that!

  17. Swimming is hands down the BEST workout ever.
    I may be a little bit biased because I swam for 11 years, but I'm gonna stick to my guns and say that I have never been in as good of shape as I was when I was swimming 6-7000 yards a day.

  18. I run every day and try to get in some strength training too as a way to switch it up. Then again, I ran throughout my entire pregnancy and kept up the ab-work all the way to the end. It made recovery a breeze. I was back and walking 3 miles a day 4 days after giving birth.

  19. I started doing yoga and Pilates this semester, and although I agree it doesn't give you the same feeling as running, it really relaxes me and I leave feeling really good about myself and I feel like I cleared my mind for an hour too! I would definitely try adding new things to your running routine !