6:00 AM

Disclaimer: To anyone who reads my personal blog, I promise this is the last post I'm writing that involves my bread maker for at least ... a month. I just love it so much and am amazed with how talented it is at creating a product I have failed at so many times.

Once upon a time, I have tried each of the following:

1. Making bread in a corning ware bowl because I didn't own a bread pan
2. Using all wheat flour and having my bread's density equal to that of a brick
3. Failing to make the yeast activate
4. Only letting the dough rise once.

Then one day, I borrowed my friend's bread machine.
My world was changed forever.
3 weeks ago, my husband and brother gave me my own!
Magical miraculous bread machine!
I'm in love.

 And even though all I do is dump the stuff in and press start,
I feel a little sense of accomplishment with every loaf.
Hooray for ways to make myself feel like a good housewife even though it's kind of cheating!

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  1. I love bread making machines! They make the whole house smell wonderfully!

  2. I so want a bread machine! The smell of homemade bread is wonderful!

  3. Someone gave me the yeast activator and I totally did not do it right. I couldn't remember to feed it. It died a slow death! But I love homemade bread. My friend mixes fruit in hers. Have a great weekend!

  4. You are making me want a bread machine! I've never even tried to make my own bread before..

  5. I love breadmakers! I need to get one, but we have no room in our little apartment kitchen. One day I will own one though! The smell of homemade bread is my favorite!

  6. Awesome bread makers! My mother doesn't own a bread maker but she often makes bread using the oven. I hope it taste delicious will defiantly smell great (:

  7. This is awesome! I LOVE my bread maker. And you're so right: all you do is dump some stuff in and press start, but I feel like a god damn culinary master. I'm actually making a pumpkin spice bread when I get off of work today. Yay for bread makers!

  8. You are just so cute!!! I love it! And....I think I need to try out a bread machine!

  9. I've never used a bread machine - I'm too passive aggressive and like taking it out on the poor unsuspecting bread when I punch it down.