Some Beach

10:33 PM

Climbing out of the pool after 2 freezing hours of swimming lessons today sure had me thinking about a place like this:

And speaking of swimming lessons, I have this adorable little boy in one of my classes right now named Bentley. 4 years old, giant smile, never closes his eyes under water, sweet as can be. I somehow ALWAYS get water in my ears during his class (can't imagine why with class full of 4 year olds that can't stop splashing the entire 30 minutes?). I always do the "knock and shake"... you know that dance. Pound on your head and jump on one foot until you can hear again. It took me a bit to catch on, but I realized that every time I do this, Bentley starts knocking on his head too. He just smiles and looks at me, obediently copying my every move. So funny.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Ah, swim lessons. I have spent so, so much of my time in the pool with small, splashing kiddos. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a lovely Friday!

  2. Sometimes I really miss it. Sometimes I don't. I definitely miss the people at the Rec. You included! Love you!

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    I would absolutely love for you to become an official follower! I am, now, following you.
    And I LOVE your blog. Adorable.
    oh, Just Livin' the Dream

  4. AH! That picture is making even more excited for Spring Break :)
    T minus 3.5 hours!

    I hope you have a wonderful Friday, girl!

    PS - Thanks for swinging by my blog :)

  5. what a cute story! and that picture makes me want to be on a beach right now! : ) thanks for stopping by my blog - you guys are so cute! have a good weekend!

  6. Ah!! Little kids can be so cute that way. I remember one of my lesson classes had four of seriously the cutest little boys ever! They were so sassy.

  7. Oh how sweet! I miss teaching swim lessons :( I used to teach & Coach swim team every summer through college. The 8 and under age groups was always so much fun to teach!

  8. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! I am now your newest follower! I really have enjoyed what I have read so far! Your love story could be a book! As I was reading it, it reminded me of something Nicholas Sparks would write- how sweet! I look forward to following you :)

  9. That´s so sweet! My youngest is in swim class right now and loves the swimming but dislikes getting water in his face..! :-)