One Day

10:00 AM

A few weeks ago I caught myself daydreaming about our 50th wedding anniversary (talk about planning ahead, we just celebrated the big #2). Mostly I've just had it on my mind lately how I fall more in love with my guy every day and can't imagine life without him.

I've also thought about some of the craziness life has thrown us just in 2 years, and wondered what the next forever will bring. With babies, jobs, and life in general, it will certainly be an adventure. I just can't help but be so glad that it's no longer just my life and what I'm dealing with, but our life. It's so much better together.

We'll be somewhere around here in 47 years with a whole lot of stories in tow:
And I just can't wait.

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  1. 50 years would be wonderful. We're coming up to 22 years next month.

  2. Love it!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy to follow you back!!