A love story

6:33 AM

Today is the eight anniversary of my first real date with the wonderful Mr. Wise.  

(wedding pic, I don't have any digital pics of when we were dating cause I didn't have an iPhone back then, heck I didn't even have a cell phone that could send texts )

So indulge me, while I share my favorite love story with you: mine!

March 19, 2004 I went on a group date with my roommate.  Chris was there.  I thought I was supposed to be his date; he informed me otherwise.  Evidently, Chris just thought it was a group thing, not a date, he didn't pay for me, so it definitely wasn't a real date. 

I guess our "not date" went well enough, because the next night he asked me out on a real date, where he paid and everything-- and let me just say how awesome I thought it was that he had the guts to call the very next day, rather than wait.  

March 20, 2004 our first date.  We went to a harp concert (because my roommate was performing and I had already committed to going) then we went to an acoustical guitar concert.  Chris definitely earned major points going to a harp concert with me and all my roommates on a first date! That takes guts. Come to find out Chris is a very musical man himself, he was on the college drum line and plays the piano.  What a guy, huh?!

We had a great evening and we kept seeing each other, but the semester was winding to a close and neither one of us thought it would go anywhere.  We were just hanging out and having fun.  Every night. Boy were were oblivious.

Two months later we were engaged.

Two months after that we got married.

1 year and 9 months later our Miss Madi was born, then Jax two years after that, then Colton two years after him

Now eight years later we have:

- 3 kids
- 2 college degrees
- a house
- a mini van (much to my dismay :)
- and a million wonderful memories

Do we fight?  Sometimes, but not too often and we usually play nice and it always passes quickly.

Is being married hard? Sure.  Mostly because life is hard and stressful and busy and goodness knows, with a husband that works 60+ hours a week and 3 kids that are only 4 years apart things can get just a little crazy and chaotic. 

It's okay, though, cause it's our chaos.  And our life. And it's a good, happy, fun, crazy, exhausting, sometimes frustrating and overwhelming life.

And I never in a million years thought that the guy I went out on the "not date" with eight years ago would turn out to be the man of my dreams and lead to all of this!

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  1. Love hearing love stories! What a gorgeous family you have :)

  2. Aww I love this story :) Happy Anniversary!! May it be an amazing one <3

  3. You're such a beautiful family! Happy Anniversary!

  4. What a great love story! Happy anniversary! :)

  5. Congratulations. I have just found the love of my life and I love hearing that people do good at this life with a boy stuff! Go you! :) Love Elle xo

  6. Oh my gosh... you are the cutest mama/wifey EVER! And your family... so precious! Loved reading your love story! I can't wait until we have our own baby and can start adding to the family!

  7. Happy Anniversary! Isn't it funny, my poor husband asked me out 6 times before I said yes. Thank god I came to my senses!

    I am excited to be your newest blog follower!

  8. I love how you explained WHY you guys went to a harp concert... what's so wrong with that?? lol! What a cute story. And what a cute picture!! Happy Anniversary! :)

  9. What a beautiful family!!! Happy Anniversary!!

  10. Cute little story and you have beautiful family!!