It's only Thursday?

6:44 AM

Tired.  Not much time to blog.  It's been a busy week.  And my brain hurts too much to be whitty. 

So here are some pics of my week so far (is it really only Thursday?!), to sum things up a bit

Colton found the candy pooping chicken,

Madi got her recital costume, she's such a little princess

the boys hung out in bed

the cousins came to play in the sprinkler aka. I had 6 kids under 6 for 3.5 hours

I stole my own daughter out of school for a lunch date, this sort of behavior is frowned upon by the school board, but I did it anyway, cause I'm a rebel

I held my friend's twins (Owen and Evan), so precious

I took pictures of myself to send to Danielle, because that's the way sisters roll, someone has to appreciate my cute outfits, and the kids obviously don't.  (I like to hold the phone at weird angles and make dumb faces when I take pics. just ignore me )

- Jaxon has a virus in his throat= Dr. appointment
- I taught twenty 12-18 year-old girls how to make lanterns with mason jars
- cleaned
-babysat extra kids Monday and Tuesday
- park
- ran, outside!!!  yay jogging stroller and nice weather
- laundry, there's always laundry
- drove carpool for both the big kids
- cuddled with my hubby
- ran errands, there are always errands, too
- blogged
- mulched the front flower beds
- did some other stuff I can't think of right now

And it's only Thursday.  Really?!  

Only 36 hours till the weekend officially begins! Yay for Friday night dates!

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  1. Just reading your post makes me want to curl back up in bed, exhausted, and take a nap! Six kids, under six, for 3.5hrs? Wow. I am so glad to see you are still alive ;D Love the pictures, such cute kids!

  2. six kids under six??? my female body parts are tired just reading this. and like kenzie above, makes me want to nap!
    you go, girl!
    xx jes

  3. You are busy! When I woke up today I felt like rolling right over and going back to bed: "Is it the weekend, yet???" But sadly, no, two more days of work. Cute pics!

  4. so so cute!
    ah I absolutely love reading your blog!

  5. Hang in there Mama! I'm having one of those weeks too! I feel like I put everything off to get ready for my inlaws' visit, and now I'm stressing out because I'm so far behind on things at home! Yikes!

  6. Yay- It's Friday!!! Enjoy the weekend!

  7. so cute, have a nice day, following you

  8. love that shirt...where did you get it?