A Day in the Life Of...

6:00 AM

In honor of it being Friday and the weekend, 
I'm writing a shallow post about celebrities.

Sometimes I think about what celebrity I would be if I could choose anyone.
I'm not talking like Mother Teresa here, 
because really, she is my true hero.
I mean a straight up famous because they're pretty and maybe talented person.
Like girl crush status.

If I got to be someone famous for a day, I would definitely choose Carrie Underwood.
Reasons being:
1. She is classy.
2. She is talented.
3. She is drop dead gorgeous.
4. She is country and proud of it.
5. Legs.
6. Her hair always looks fabulous.

If you could be any celebrity for a day, who would it be?

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Happy Weekend!

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  1. She's my choice too! She's awesome!

  2. She is my favorite, I live her legs and hair and everything actually..... I think she is my husbands number one also!! ;)

  3. She really does have fabulous legs and amazing hair.

  4. She has always been a class act -even in Soul Surfer! Those legs look like the could kill me!

  5. i love carrie. she always exudes classy to me.
    xx jes

  6. Good pick! I'd be Drew Barrymore or Natalie Portman for a day.

  7. I'd choose Idina Menzel. I love her so so much.

  8. I love Carrie Underwood! She is gorgeous!

  9. Love, love, love, Carrie Underwood! I wish I was her!!!
    Newest follower right back!

  10. Thanks so much for stopping by sweetie, would you like t follow each other?
    Wish you an amazing weekend!:)

  11. I think I'd want to be a celebrity's best friend - all the perks without the crazy expectations.

  12. <3 carrie!

    i hope you come check out our new online jewelry shop where everything is under $20! Too Much Soul.com xx

  13. i agree with all of your reasons you would choose her. and number 5 just speaks for itself! i wish my legs looked like that :)