Country Run

11:45 AM

I'm not a runner.  But I DO run.  

I know that seems like kind of a conflicted statement.  Probably because I AM conflicted.

I run slow.  And sometimes I go months at a time without running at all.  Because it's HARD.

However, sometimes I like to run 5K's (once I did a half marathon).  When I'm really training and putting in the miles, then I start to enjoy it.  I get that runner's high.

But I'm still not a runner.  Because I think to be a runner you have to be fast and you have to love it.  

Saturday I had a VERY rare chance to run outside  I think if I could always run outside I would like running more, but I have 3 kids that are too heavy to push in a jogger and my husband is usually working 12 or more hours a day which means he's not home at any decent hour to watch the kiddos so I can run outside.

Most of the time I run at the gym, which is fine, because I get my news time and my workout in at the same time.  Today I ran 4.5 miles and got all pumped up about the election.  It's not a bad deal, but not as great as running outside.

This was my scenery on Saturday:

Gorgeous?!  And the weather was perfect running weather.  Chilly, but not freezing.

Also I had some awesome tunes on my phone courtesy of Spotify, which my husband recently introduced me to.  

Running out there on that country road made me feel like I was hard core (even though it's less than a mile from my house).  

And I was glad that no one was around to see me lip sinking and dancing while I ran "tonight...we are young" people "so let's set the world on fire!"

After that run I decided maybe someday I WILL be a runner.  I might be able to learn to love it.

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  1. I NEED to move somewhere warm and wide open!!

  2. Totally agree! I run sometimes, but I am definitely not a runner. I just don't love it enough. I love going to the gym, the elliptical, cycling, rowing, weights classes... but running is really difficult for me. Good to know I'm not the only one!

  3. Perfect day to run outside. I need to get outside of the gym.

  4. I'm a bit of a non-runner myself, I WANT to be a fact I want to do a mini I'm working on it :-)

  5. I live in the country also. The country is the best place to run. Not a person in sight, just beautiful views. Love this post.

  6. LOL you are cute. Kudos to you for at least going to the gym. Hopefully you'll get more outdoor running opportunities. Especially since the weather is going to get nicer =)

    - Sarah

  7. Dear Sarah,
    If you have not yet, you NEED to listen to the rest of the album by "Fun." It came out a week ago and has changed my life.
    Love Garrett.

  8. i have a lot of similar thoughts. I'm definitely not a runner, but i like to think that i can jog here and there...but only when it's not pouring out, and when i'm not too tired, and when i ipod has been updated with new songs.
    i find it hard to get motivated and stay motivated. if you have any tips, i'd love to hear them!

  9. Like your blog & start following on gfc, hope you'll check mine & follow back!!!

  10. thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a comment!
    we started following you so hope you come back and visit us one day!
    xx jes

  11. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed reading this post!!

  12. I run too.. a good sale at the department store.

  13. Hello! I'm a new follower! I love this blog! I can identify with most things you write about, especially this post about being a runner! I wish I could get that runner's high- just not there yet! I love that you write this blog together as sisters- what a great idea!