Awkward and Awesome

7:18 AM

Just for kicks I thought I'd give this "awkward and awesome" thing a try.  So here are my awkward and awesome moments as of late:

Awkward: falling flat on my butt in front of the entire step aerobics class when I rolled my ankle on Tuesday.  Super lame that I am STILL hurting and the only thing that helps is wearing my tennis shoes around all day.  I hate wearing shoes around the house.  I feel claustrophobic.

Awesome: My husband and I own matching shoes.  Maybe that should be in the awkward category, but I think it's funny.  We bought them at the same time, too.

Awkward: Growing my hair out.  I have had short hair for almost 10 years now.  I really, really love it short, but I'm just ready to switch it up a bit.  Right now my hair is in that awful in-between stage.  It's not cute and short and definitely not long.  EEEEEW!  At least I can put it in a pony tail for the first time in years. 

Awesome: My 3-year-old in a fedora.  Seriously?!  I know I'm biased, but this kid is just such a stud!

Awkward: Looking all over the place for maxi dresses--because Texas is so stinkin' hot and sometimes it's all I can stand wearing in the summer-- and coming up empty, then finally finding one at Wal-mart.  I'm still trying to decide if I should keep it.  I just have a hard time buying clothing at Wal-mart, ya know?!  Also, if I can't find a maxi dress anywhere else does that mean they are totally out of style? 

Honestly, is this dress super hideous? Tell the truth!  

Awesome: My 5-year-old correctly used an apostrophe to make my name possessive.  She said they haven't even talked about it in class.  She just remembers me telling her that's what you do.  Incorrect use of apostrophes is kind of a pet peeve of mine, thanks to my fourth grade teacher, so I was super stoked that she's picking it up!  (Yes, I'm a huge nerd when it comes to punctuation, but so is Danielle, it's one of the reasons we get along so well.)

Awkward:  The same day that I was reveling in the joy of my daughter learning how to use apostrophes the STUDENT TEACHER in my daughter's classroom sent home a note telling us she was in the classroom "on Monday's and Tuesday's" last fall.  Seriously?!  I hope she does NOT try to teach my daughter how to use apostrophes.  

Awesome: I have a hot date planned this weekend to see Hunger Games with the hubby and some good friends of ours!  I'm super excited!  I'm not a twi-hard so I didn't go crazy over twilight, but I did really like the Hunger Games series.  I hope the movie holds up to the hype!

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  1. Thanks for coming by last week and for your sweet comment! Your boy is uber cute! And how fun are those matching shoes for you and your hubby! Your newest follower here- looking forward to your next post! x

  2. I loved this! I smiled all the way through...I like the dress. A Lot. :)

  3. The dress is cute! Surprised it's from Wal-Mart. Good find. Maxi dresses are in girl. Also long skirts are in too!! SUPER cute ones are at Forever21. Cheap too!!

  4. a.) You will have to let us know how the movie is! I can't see it until Mid-April :/
    b.) I like the walmart dress. I have a shirt from walmart, too that I happen to like a lot but I'm always careful where I wear it. lol Weird.
    c.) matching shoes? Definitely awesome.

  5. I feel the same about Walmart, but the dress is cute. I think its a keeper. Hunger Games was awesome! Stays pretty true to the story. Have fun. :)