Another rainbow recipe

6:50 AM

I would like to introduce you to a traditional family recipe:

Meet rainbow jell-o

I had never seen this until I married into Chris's family.  It's a family tradition on his mom's side and it seems to show up at every large family gathering.  

It's pretty enchanting, don't you think?  My daughter adores it, probably because it's more dessert than side-dish.  Last Sunday she talked me into making it and I thought I would pass along the family secret to the rest of you.  

Shopping list:
6-7 small boxes of jell-o, can be sugar free, any colors desired- rainbow, red/green for Christmas, whatever you fancy
large tub of plain or vanilla yogurt

-boil 1 cup water
- add in 1 box jell-o, dissolve
- separate jell-o into two equal parts
- add 1/3 cup yogurt to 1/2 of the jell-o, mix vigorously to get the lumps out of the yogurt
- pour yogurt/jell-o mixture into a 9x13 pan
-chill for 30 minutes
- add 1/3 cup water to the other half of the jell-o
- pour into pan and chill an additional 30 minutes
- repeat until you run out of time :)

I've found it's best to start this the day before.  As long as you can do one whole box of jell-o at a time, (meaning you need to be home and close to the kitchen for about 30 minutes) you can leave it and come back a few hours later to add on another layer or two.  

Let's just admire those layers one more time, shall we?!  

Also, in case you ever wonder what my kids are doing while I'm taking pictures of food, this is what c-dawg was up to that day:

Yogurt-covered everything!

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  1. oh so pretty!i love rainbow colored desserts!!

  2. That is pretty neat! Very eye-catching, I might have to try making that some time. Unfortunately my kids don't know what a closed kitchen is ;)

  3. That is SO COOL- I love it! And your little boy is a doll!

  4. i gotta make that jello!