Weekend Adventures

11:18 PM

This weekend we went to see our friends Kanani, Dan, and Ladd dance with the BYU Living Legends group. They are all in the Polynesian section and they are AMAZING! Kanani was my roommate freshman year and we were instant best friends. I've seen the show before, but Trevor hadn't yet and we both absolutely loved it. I also hadn't seen Kanani for way too long and words cannot describe how happy I was to see her (we were both bawling messes)! I love that girl more than anything!

I went through and found pictures from the other times I've seen the show. Not only do we look different, but we've added on a couple of husbands over the years :)
Freshman Year (2008) (How was I so tan?)
Freshman Year Again
My Hot Date! (How am I so white?)
This weekend. Red eyes and smeared makeup to show the love :)
We loved going to see them dance!
Otherwise, this weekend was full of: 
Hunting down all the good cheap movies at FYE's going out of business sale
Cuddling up at home through the snow and watching Friday Night Lights
Naps (because have I ever written a weekend post in which naps were not included?)
And daydreaming about where we'll be next year (always a fun pastime!) Who knows?


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  1. Don't you love looking at pictures, going dang, I was hot to trot, then you go good grief I look like a ghost! That's why I love pictures.. memories forever!

  2. So cute! I love your blog. Shall we follow each other??? I would love it. xxxx Emily