Spring Fever!

11:05 AM

I've got spring fever.  And I've got it bad.  It hit me Thursday night at about 11:30 p.m.  I was lying in bed waiting to fall asleep and all of a sudden I had a sudden urge to:

- buy an entire new wardrobe for myself and my children
- redecorate my entire house 
- deep clean and de-junk my house
- run a million miles at the gym everyday 

I have definitely been in the post-holidays winter funk for a few weeks now and it's time to break free!  Unfortunately, I'm not loaded.  So I am not going to redecorate my entire house or buy a brand new wardrobe for any member of my family.  I am, however, slowly working to cure this spring fever with:

A new book: 

I did actually purchase this book from half price books as the library never has it.  I'm a few chapters in and loving it already.  Super excited that there's a sequel.

A run:

Got these babies for Christmas, but have never actually run on them.  I've been lazy, sticking to the elliptical and stair master.  But I took them on a nice run Saturday and they were lovely!

Bargain shopping:

I found some great summer polos at Children's Place for the boys.  They were only $6 each, so I bought a few in bright spring colors!

I also found this girl superman shirt on sale for Miss Madi.  She was thrilled that all of them can match now!  

Some deep cleaning: 

 I spent this morning vacuuming my entire upstairs, including closets and around baseboards. (It probably would have been more efficient if my vacuum cleaner attachments hadn't been run over by a car last year, but that's a story for another day.)  THEN we had a family work session cleaning out the garage!

I'm starting to feel the fever breaking, but the problem is, once I start deep cleaning I can't stop, so I have the feeling that I'm going to spend this week going around the house throwing away/donating all the extra stuff I can find.  And I promise you, when the cleaning is done I'll be doing some decorating projects.  My living room was repainted 5 months ago and I'm dying to put up curtains!

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  1. haha, funny I love your spring fever list! hope it sticks around so you can get your stuff done:)

  2. I love spring fever! To me it feels like everything is revitalized and you get to start all over. Good luck with your list :)

  3. I love cleaning! Can't wait to see your do-it-yourself projects!

  4. I love those turquoise running shoes!!! I need some bright ones like those to run in! Although, I hate getting a new pair of running shoes - it hurts so bad for a week or so breaking them in!