9:22 PM

I just have to tell you all how perfect my Trevor is for a minute.

This guy is absolutely the best thing that has ever happened to me.
He has this uncanny ability to always make me feel good about myself and never put me down.
He's happy and doesn't make a big deal out of things that don't matter.
I guarantee he's the most fun husband in the universe.
We flirt like high school kids and cuddle like pros.
He makes me laugh more than anything or anyone.
He always lets me win at wrestling, but traps me in a hug hold every time.
He cares about me and I can tell with everything he does.

I am SO glad I get my soulmate forever! Some people just get lucky.

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  1. awww you guys are sooooooooooooo adorable!

  2. He sounds pretty awesome. That whole ability to bring you up when you're down ... I know from experience thats a great quality. :)

    Not to mention you two are very very adorable looking together.