I Love: Rice Crispy Treats

8:40 PM

It's true, I can polish off an entire pan by myself. Ask my husband. It's embarrassing.
Sometimes (like 2 days ago) he surprises me with them.
What a guy, right!?
I'd be lying if I said I don't always have the stuff on hand to make them in case of emergencies.

Also, made with strawberry marshmallows? If you've never done it, you really should.
My good friends Snap, Crackle, and Pop never let me down.
Rice Crispy Treats: my go-to cure for just about everything.

Oh, marshmallowy squares of goodness, I love you.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes! I grew up on rice krispie treats. We didn't eat a lot of sweets but my grandmother would always make this when we went on a road trip. They lasted about a fourth of the trip. Haha.

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