I Love: My Washer and Dryer

8:30 PM

I know this is such a boring thing to love.
But then again... is it?

Let me begin by telling the washing machine saga. When we first got married, we had a coin operated washer and dryer outside our apartment. Easy enough, but lame that we had to pay for it which equaled laundry loads being few and far between.

Fast forward to our next (and current) apartment. We bought an ancient, used washer and dryer when we moved in and hooked it up in the creepy shed behind the apartment. It worked for about... zero loads. Now ask me how many loads I tried to use it for? Sometimes it wouldn't spin, the dryer basically took about 284 rounds to dry, the agitator wouldn't rotate... you name it, that problem existed. We finally gave up after too many times of scattering all of our clothing throughout the house to dry.

Then for a while, we took our laundry to my brother's house and used his coin operated washer and dryer. It worked fine, but also meant spending 4 hours over at my brother's every so often (let's just not talk about how often I did the laundry). Also, throw in the occasional trip to the laundromat.

During this time I am ashamed to admit that it wasn't uncommon for us to lug our laundry 30 minutes away to my Grandma's, 5 hours away to Las Vegas (husband's parents' house), and possibly  maybe even 18 hours away to Kansas but that only happened once and it was because I didn't have time to do the laundry before we left.

One day, we finally decided to invest in another washer and dryer that we bought from a trusted friend. We had my brother make us hookups for our laundry in our apartment. The wiring may be a little bit sketchy and the washer may drain into a bucket that we dump out in the toilet. And now 10 months later, it STILL WORKS!!! And I can do laundry whenever I want! In my own house! And I can take an hour our two before I change the load! And I don't have to drag it all over the universe!

I LOVE my washer and dryer. Love!

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  1. I can't tell you how jealous I am! Haha. My husband and I don't have a washing machiene, and yours is gorgeous! That sounds weird, but it's true. That is the prettiest washer/dryer I have ever seen!

    1. Honestly- this is just a random picture off the internet. But I totally wish I had a washer and dryer this cute! I will definitely be painting mine one day (when they aren't located in the back room of our apartment)! But I thought the same thing- these ones are pretty!!

  2. Hahaaa... not boring at all! I LOVE that color!

    I was just telling my hubs the other day, ya know your're getting older when you think a wahing machine is sexy! Lol) There is this really pretty red pair that I LOOOVE. I'm not complaing though, my machine may be plain white & boring, but it get's the job done!

    Thanks so much for the sweet comment tonight. Your blog is fab! I had to follow you back!

  3. I feel ya! I have been through so many used washers and dryers haha! I finally got a good set that has lasted a while, but if I had a set like that I'd be in love as well!!! :0) There is just nothing like a good washer and dryer. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Really enjoying your blog as well!

  4. A washer and dryer is one of those purchases that really made me feel "grown up"...We spent a little extra and got a really good pair, and I definitely love them. Couldn't live without them!

  5. haha. when our washer is in the spin cycle, our entire house shakes. its pretty scary if you dont know what it is...

  6. I hear ya, it totally makes a huge difference to have a good washer! When we sold our last place, the buyer wanted to keep our front load laundry set and I was honestly upset {so stupid. just buy another one dummy!}. I didn't want to go back to a crummy one again. But do not fret, we got a nice new one {that I pile my laundry on top of until the piles grow into mountains and I'm forced to finally wash them}. :)

  7. I'm totally jealous! We have a washer and dryer in our apartment but they are ancient like literally they are from the 50s or 60s! They work but sometimes even though I use half the "normal amount" of detergent I still have to run it 2 times to get the washer to absorb all the soap. And the dryer takes hours to dry one load and it turns our whole bathroom into a sauna! It's ridiculous! Can't wait till we move in May and hopefully to a place with a better washer and dryer! Love your blog and thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!


  8. Too funny! I just wrote about my dryer today! I've always had a washer and dryer, so I've been extremely lucky, but the electrical wiring in our laundry room almost started a fire a few days ago! Kind of scary.

    I'm so glad you have a working washer and dryer now! After lugging your laundry around you guys deserve it! : )

  9. It makes such a huge difference having your own washing/dryer machines! I told Seth that was one of my must-haves when we moved here. And I would love a W/D in that color you have in the pic!

  10. I don't know what we would do without a washer and dryer. I guess buy more clothes because I have to wash clothes every other day to keep up!

    Thanks for being my new friend! :D

  11. This is definitely not a boring topic. I love going to Sears and looking at the pretty washers and dryers. I check out the fancy Dyson vacuums and dream of owning one one day. Shiny new appliances are a dream.

  12. I will feel that same way about our washer and dryer...whenever we get one. We're still stuck in the coin operated version in our apartment complex.

  13. Dude. Washers and dryers are lifesavers. Not a weird thing to love. Not at all.

  14. I totally love power washers. One summer my dad had me power wash. It was like it was a whole new! The dirt had accumulated so gradually that we hadn't even noticed. It was amazing.

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