I love: my sister

12:03 PM

I was almost six when Danielle was born.  And it was a great day!  I always feel like I have an advantage over her because I can remember her whole life.  She missed a good ten years of mine since she probably can't remember anything before she was four.   So, I feel like I know her pretty darn well!  Let me tell you she's a pretty great girl.   She may be 6 years younger than me (and six inches shorter), but I definitely look up to her. 

Here's why Danielle rocks my world:

- She's got awesome hair.  

- She's got the hugest wardrobe of anyone I know, and she's always willing to try new styles. She looks great in everything.

- She's super good runner. 

- She's crazy funny.

- She's short and left handed.  Which I think is cool.  It makes her unique.

- She's the girl in High School that everyone liked because she was cute and nice and fun.  She was Homecoming Court twice.  

- She's an awesome dancer.  She can do the splits.

- She eats weird food. 

- She was a super cute, round little girl.  

- When she was little she used to run around the house singing and dancing all day long.  My daughter does the same thing and it always reminds me of Danielle.

- She's an awesome aunt.

- She's really, really smart.

- She's fun to talk to.  We talk on the phone almost every day.

- She has a firm belief in God and tries to follow him in everything she does.

- She's a great writer! 

- She's my second best friend (my hubs is my first :)

I'm so glad God gave me a cool little sister!  And I'm glad that she's grown up to be my best friend, cause for a while there, I'll be honest, she was a little bit of a pest :)

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  1. I'm short and left-handed! But not those other things. Haha.

  2. Awww what a sweet post! I have two sisters {both older} and I think the love between sisters is something so special. I'm glad God gave me sisters too.