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Valentine's Day is tomorrow ya'll!  Seriously!  We've been working all week on Valentine's projects at our house!  Are you ready?  (I mean I know it's not Christmas, but who doesn't like to spread the love?!)

Here are some good LAST MINUTE,  LOW-COST Valentine's Day ideas!

#1 Truffles

Top- chocolate covered marshmallow dipped in semi-sweet, Middle-peanut butter truffles, Bottom- oreo/cream cheese truffle dipped in white chocolate and milk chocolate

Want the recipes?  Cause these are super easy and a good last minute gift to teachers/friends/husbands or your own tummy :)

Peanut Butter Truffles:

1 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup butter
2.5-3 cups powder sugar
1 pkg. milk chocolate chips

Mix ingredients. Form into balls.  Chill.  Melt 1 pkg. chocolate chips and 1 TB shortening so chocolate won't be too thick. Then roll balls in milk chocolate!

Oreo Truffles:

1 8 oz. pkg. cream cheese
1 pkg. oreos
1 pkg. milk chocolate OR white chocolate chips

Crush oreos, melt cream cheese, combine. Form into balls.  Chill. Melt 1 pkg. chocolate chips and 1 TB shortening so chocolate won't be too thick. Then roll balls in chocolate!

Chocolate covered Marshmallows:

1 pkg. marshmallows
1 pkg. semi-sweet chocolate chips

Melt chocolate chips and 1 TB shortening so chocolate won't be too thick. Sprinkle with fun sprinkles! 

My assistant, she helped with the sprinkles and the tasting

For melting the chocolate I recommend using a double broiler or this set-up, which is my ghetto double broiler!  Works great and keeps the chocolate from hardening, just simmer hot water in the pan underneath.

Wrap in cute boxes and you're on your way!

#2: Corny Valentines  

My "lucky" husband has been getting little surprises on his night stand for the last few days.  Mostly just corny little notes tapped to food.  But hey, it's funny, right.  I mean I do "cereal"sly love him :)  You can pretty much find a way to make any kind of food a Valentine.  Yesterday he got donuts that said "I'm do'nuts' about you!"

#3 Valentine's Boxes

This was our first year making Valentine's mailboxes.  Obviously we are not award winning artists here, but my kids had a blast making their Valentine boxes this year, and they did them pretty much by themselves (as you can probably tell)!  In case you can't figure out what you're looking at Jaxon's is a dinosaur and Madi's is a butterfly!

#4 The Vow

I saw this Saturday night.  It was super cute and romantic!  So, if you can coerce your guy into taking you to see it, then go!  If not, just grab your girl friends and make it a GNO!  And can I just say if I woke up from a coma with amnesia and Channing Tatum was there telling me that he was my husband, I don't think I would be arguing with him :)

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  1. Your truffles look delicious!! I always think about making something like that but the double boiler thing always intimidates me!

    1. Seriously, with the whole glass bowl on top of the pan set-up it's super, super easy. You just put the chocolate in and then stir it occasionally until it melts. I actually think it's even easier than melting chocolate in the microwave because on the stove it doesn't burn or get hard.

  2. i want to see the vow so bad! but so many people said they were disappointed! I am going to take your word for it.

    1. I liked it. But I'm not a movie snob, so I'm pretty easily pleased. It was a fun chick flick. Not gonna win any awards, but definitely one of those movies that makes me all mushy inside.

  3. still trying to decide if i should go see this with my hubby. also love valentine boxes.


  4. My husband cried during the vow. It was so sweet and nice to see love from a man's perspective. That's so rare! I wish one of my friends would bring me truffles :)

  5. I forced love to see the Bridesmaids I don't think he will go for The Vow but so glad you saw it. I can't wait to see it myself

  6. wow this looks deeeelicious! I wouldn't even know where to start working with chocolate. your little love notes are so presh too :) I want to see that movie!!! She's one of my fave actresses

    The House of Shoes

  7. Those truffles look amazing and anything with Channing Tatum makes me happy :)

  8. What a great post and your assistant is so cute! I had plans to make a bunch of Valentine's treats and I'm totally slacking. Maybe I could do these though this weekend...hehe


  9. This recipe looks delish. I'm jealous that you got to see The Vow... I'm dying to see it! I can't until it comes to DVD so for now I'll just hear about it and be jeal!

  10. Oh goodness! I really need to make those! Mmm! I've heard so much about The Vow. It looks like one I'll have to see!

  11. Oh those look so DElicious.

    I just found your blog and so glad I did. I'm your newest fan and follower!


  12. Oreo Truffles?! YummmmM! Your little assistant is adorable. I'm planning on watching The Vow with the boyfie over the weekend. I can't wait to watch it.