I love: Downeast Basics

1:13 PM

I have a confession to make: a good 75% of the clothes in my closet are from DownEast Basics.  I'm not exaggerating.  Is that sad?  Does that make me boring?  I mean, shouldn't I be branching out and exploring new things?  Maybe, but I figure, when you find something you love you might as well stick with it, and I definitely love all the clothes that I have from Downeast basics ( I'm not being paid to say that, either, I wish!) Here's why this store has totally stolen my heart:

- decent prices, cheaper than department stores for sure and they run good sales if you keep an eye out for them, which I do
- fun styles
- good quality, I've had a couple things from there for almost 5 years now, I've only had problems with 1-2 things that I have purchased, which isn't bad considering I own so much of their stuff
- LONG enough, I'm tall so it's hard for me to find clothes that cover everything especially since I'm always bending down to pick up toys/kids
- sleeves on their dresses, enough said!
- LOVE their denim
- their little girls' clothing is to DIE for!  Oh man, it makes me so glad to have a girl!

and finally

- my husband likes their clothes too, which is a big plus cause then he doesn't mind when I splurge a little (don't tell him I told you this, but sometimes we look at the catalog together!)

Some of my current faves: 

I own two pairs of jeans (yes, only two) this is one of them, I wear them all the time and I love the way they fit!

Um, swooning, I can't wait to get this for Miss Madi!

Again, love this for my girl!

this just screams spring/summer date night, GNO, church shirt

I have this skirt, too, in black, I ADORE it!  It's so darn slimming, goes with a lot of different shirts and shoes, and the ruffles make it super flirty!

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