Good news and bad news

12:27 PM

Let's start with the bad news (it always makes the good news seem better)

The bad news: I accidentally dyed my hair WAAAY darker than I had intended

The good news: the Mr. actually liked it and it's starting to grow on me (although I do feel like I should get my tongue pierced and start wearing black lipstick or something....)

The bad news: my TOMS bit the dust after only 4 months, I loved them and wore than into the ground

The great news: I took them back to Nordstrom and they gave me a new pair for free, no questions asked!!!  So 
excited!!  I got gray canvas this time because I figure it will look better with spring pastel colors.

The bad news: this is what Tuesday night looks like at my house, a million loads of laundry to fold

The other bad news: Colton and Jax are already out of jeans and I did laundry four days ago

The good news: I've put a big bite in my spring cleaning this week-- bathrooms, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning out the garage, cleaning out the car (yuck-o), organizing all the upstairs closets

The awesome news: tax return comes next week, which means it's time to start decorating!!!

The bad news: we were supposed to go camping tonight because the weather has been gorgeous all week and Chris can't work this weekend because his office is moving (kinda sad when you get excited for a SATURDAY without going to the office), but it's only 55 degrees today.  It was 75 yesterday, go figure.

The good news: we're going camping inside tonight, which, although not as exciting, is still fun and so much less work (plus I get to sleep in my comfy bed!).

Happy weekend everyone!!

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  1. my gray TOMS are my favorite! they go with EVERYTHING. i've about worn them out though!

  2. Ok. Seriously!!! where do you go camping? I need a list of places since I have no idea and we we're hoping to actually go!

  3. I love this post- LOVE the color of your hair and love that you guys are going "indoor camping." What a fantastic idea!

  4. You and your hubby always look sweet! I envy you. Anyway, I really like TOMS although I don't have one. I feel like I don't look good on them but I really wanna wear them. Your blog's pretty nice and I just love it.

  5. I think your hair looks REALLY good!!! haha you can totally pull it off without the tongue piercing & black lipstick ;] That's seriously so awesome about your toms! And I LOVE inside camping! :]

  6. Your hair looks so cute! I like it! You can definitely pull off the dark hair! And whhhhhat Nordstrom will take back ruined TOMS???!!?! I should have known this a LOOONG time ago!
    Love your blog ! I'm your newest follower :)

  7. Cute sense of humor! I have the same laundry pile up on my couch- no fun indeed!