Date Night

11:26 PM

We love date night at our house. We don't have any Little Hansens running around (yet!) so date nights are a pretty frequent thing. However, we are poor college students, so we definitely have to get creative! Also, we live in the crowded college town of Provo where you sit right next to strangers in the movie theatre and it isn't uncommon to wait 45 minutes at restaurants.

The beauty of date night is that as long as you're with your favorite guy, you honestly can't go wrong. While we definitely splurge and go out to Indian food kind of a lot, we have become pros at making hot dates out of just about everything.

Along with the disclaimer that we are easily entertained and that these ideas may sound super lame, here are some of the most fun, super cheap things we do:
Picnics on the Lawn
Midnight Walks
Movie Nights at Home
Drive in Movies
Star Gazing
Wandering the Strip whenever we go to Vegas (husband's hometown)
Window Shopping
People Watching
Hot Tubbing
Grocery Shopping (can you say old people)
Cooking Dinner at Home

Sunflower Market on my birthday last year
Sunday afternoon in the summer
Nighttime walks
And can I tell you that even though it's free... these are some of the best days. I'm always going to love the Sunday afternoons we spend laying on blankets in the front yard flirting shamelessly, the movie nights cuddled up in pajamas on the couch, the nights wandering the streets hand in hand daydreaming about anything and everything, and all the random recipes we've attempted (with plenty of failures, I assure you).

What inexpensive dates are your favorite?

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  1. awww you guys are such an adorable couple. I do agree with you, you can't go wrong when you are with your special someone. =)

  2. we LOVE date nights too! even if they are just watching a movie on the couch :)

  3. Redbox movies and laptop or books, two bottles of root beer or cream soda or whatever, chocolate covered strawberries, bed, snuggling. That's one of my favorite "dates" for us. We are becoming old people. Haha.

  4. eating popcorn while catching up on shows is our go-to.... especially during this time of year :)

  5. How cute are you guys?! Love a good cheap date - going on walks and people watching is one of my faves :)

    The Other Side of Gray