Playing Momma: Days 5 and 6

7:19 PM

First of all, Colton is sexy and he knows it:
I cannot get enough of this boy!!!

The rest of my momma week was characterized by:
Warmer weather.

Baking some (nasty) cookies.

Taking Colton on dates to the pet store and grocery store. He loved the animals. So did I.

Colton and I putting some miles on the jogging stroller.

Meeting Madi at lunch for school.
Made a new best friend.

Little girl hovers for 5 minutes. "Will you be my best friend?"
Me: "Sure."
10 minutes later: "Will you be here tomorrow?"
Me: "No."
Shortest best friendship ever. Kindergarten is great.

Eating way too much candy and staying up past bedtime.

I miss those babies already. Also their hot mom.

Mmm... baby with yogurt= baby lost in yogurt.

Jaxon+syrup= don't forget to cut it up for him.
And give him a fork.
Oops. Obviously I have a long way to go.

This BABY!!!
Glad to be back with my smokin hubs!

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