Playing Momma: Days 2, 3, and 4

7:03 PM

Day 2: Saturday.
Within 30 minutes of waking up, I had cleaned up more baby puke, started laundry, changed an up-the-back diaper, given this poor little boy a bath, and fed 3 kids. Whew!

Those kids love playing with each other. It's adorable. Also, they love giving hugs and kisses before bed. I love hugs and kisses anytime so this makes my whole day.

I also learned a little bit about mommy chauffeuring today.
Drove Jaxon to Aunt Cristina's. Cristina offers to take Colton as well and I almost cry with joy.
Drove Madison to birthday party.
Picked up Madison from birthday party.
Took Madison to Cristina's. Picked up Colton.
Took nap with Colton. Ahh.
Picked up Madison and Jaxon from Cristina.
Drove Madison to piano lessons.
Picked up Madison from piano lessons.
Went home.
Took all 3 kids to chick-fil-a.
Drove all kids home.
Again... whew!

Bad mother moment: Jaxon has to go to the bathroom at chick-fil-a. I'm feeding Colton and watching Madison play. I say, ok, go in the one with a picture of the boy. Jaxon runs across entire restaurant to bathroom. Comes back holding his underwear and pants. It is then that I remember that he is 3 and that I just did a terrible thing. For future reference, 3 year olds still go in the girls bathroom with their moms. Mortified.

Also, almost got driven crazy by a phantom smoke detector. It started beeping so I took out the battery. Had to pop the cover off with a knife and stand on the table to get to it. Then it kept beeping. What? Emailed my sister to ask her to please for the love tell me where I could find a battery for it. Finally found one. Meltdown avoided.

Day 3: Sunday.
Somehow got 3 kids and myself ready for church by 11. If church had been any earlier, we probably still would have made it by 11. No sooner.

15 minutes into church, we had pretty much an entire bag of pretzels ground into the carpet. I'm so sorry. I'm learning here, people. Pretzels at church for the baby and 3 year old (who keeps laying under the pew and grabbing the little girl's ankles behind us) WILL become dust.

Colton waved and smiled at everyone. Jaxon wore his "future missionary" badge. Madison is just beautiful no matter what. These kids are all heartbreakers.

After church, I maybe cried on the phone to Trevor a little bit. I mean! It's a little overwhelming going from no kids to 3 that can move and ask for stuff! Madison and Jaxon were yelling at me. Colton was crying. I was hiding from them in Sarah's room. But Madison and Colton gave me hugs and really, when people that cute are giving you hugs, can you be all that stressed?

We went to Jon and Cristina's for dinner, too. It was so fun and the kids loved it. Colton also got some tlc from a real momma, which I think he needed from being sick :(. Cristina has saved my life by a million. I'm so glad she's here!!

Day 4: Monday.
Missed my alarm by 15 minutes for school. Made up for it by making Madison's bed for her. Madison was out the door at 7:30, right on time. Danielle:1, Early Mornings:0.

After giving Colton a bottle when he woke up at 6:30 a.m. so that he would go back to sleep (did I mention this happens every day when I'm the mom? It does.) Jaxon came in at 8:00 nice and awake (did I mention Jaxon never gets out of bed in the morning until someone comes and gets him? He doesn't. Unless you're me and just hope that you can squeeze 5 more minutes out of them. He hates waking up. Obviously so do I.) and he was off to school by 9. Party time for Colton and me!

We went to the store...
and danced around...
and played legos...
and hide and seek...
and took naps...
and picked up Madi...
and made cookies!

 One baby is a lot different than 3, did you know that? I didn't. But, WOW!
Cristina took Jaxon after school. Once again... I love you Cristina.

Cristina and Jon came over tonight for FHE. The kids were all so exhausted. I'm pretty sure Jaxon fell asleep within 30 seconds of his head hitting the pillow.

Moms are my heroes. I love these babies so much and I'm glad I get a whole week to spoil them rotten. Also glad that I get to go back to Trevor in a few days. I miss my hubs!


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  1. Sounds like some exhausting, but exciting and loving days with them.

  2. oh my word girl, HA! aren't you so glad we're not really thrown into mommyhood like that for real, but instead we slowly go into it? You can do it!!!!!

  3. WOW!! Sounds like you had your hands full but did a great job!! 3 kids is a lot to take on when you don't have any! You go girl!

  4. Well Danielle, some little girls got a lesson at chick-fil-a that day... he's amazing. I had him one morning and he HAD to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW!!! and he is is footie jams!!! so I'm getting them off ASAP thinking I've got a loaded cannon... then I say OK GO!!! and he starts running around in circles!!! ahhh!!! Madison says, calmly, he needs help he can't go alone... I'm like FREAKING OUT! so I pick him up and run to the bathroom thinking his is gonna blow! any second!!! But that kid had control! he made it - and I nearly had a heart attack!!! Oh my...Love Dad

  5. so this is what i have to look forward to in the next few months as i will be an aunt and babysitting all the time!!