Playing Momma: Day 1

5:39 PM

Today was my first day of taking on these three solo: 
Sarah teaching Madison to tie her shoe. Colton climbing on Sarah. Jaxon practicing flying from the stool to the couch. 
Here is what I've learned so far:

Anytime I look at this little stud muffin I just about melt.
 I mean really!
Running with 2 kids in a jogging stroller is really hard. Made it 3.5 miles pushing 2 kids uphill against the wind and almost died. Jaxon hid under a blanket from the wind (refused to wear pants because he loves his soccer shorts). Colton laughed about it. We ran past Madison's school and caught her out at recess! Also, we took many animal cracker breaks and stopped at the park at the end. Thank you, 70 degree Dallas weather!
 Sometimes it's ok to take naked babies to pick up their older sibling from school because they are covered in puke when you wake them up. I maybe had to call my mom and ask her the best way to clean up baby vomit. But look how cute he is! He was bouncing around the rest of the afternoon happy as ever.
After dinner, they all jumped on the trampoline together. It was so cute. They love each other so much! 

 Now we're having MOVIE NIGHT! Burned popcorn and cute kids. What more could you want? Colton (the baby) loved his popcorn. Pretty sure he could have eaten the whole bag by himself. 
Jaxon (toehead blonde) and I took a 2 hour nap together today. Ahh. Love naps with cute kids.
Kids get hungry and thirsty a lot. 
Loving that I have permission to spoil these kids all week long.
Also, they create many diapers that need changing.
I had to call my husband to ask him how to make french toast today. Soggy bread and I don't get along, so I don't really do french toast.
Managed to create 4 loads of laundry in one day.
Currently, I just swept up something glass (sorry Sarah), am surrounded by a Jaxon on my left arm, a Madison on my right shoulder, and popcorn all over the floor. 
I cannot wait to be a mom.

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  1. I like the first picture the best. I can't get enough of Colton just standing there, chilling... What a goof.

  2. Aww, all of them are so cute! I bet you anything they think you're the coolest!

  3. aw :) how sweet. reading this made me a little sad... i remember when i lived in the same city my sister did - and during my breaks, i'd chaperone field trips at my neices and nephew's little private school where all the transportation to these events were private. and because my youngest neice (also named madison) only attended pre-k t&th, while her brother (dominic) went to kindergarten mw&f... i'd bring one or the other along on their older sister's field trips - depending on what day it fell on - and the school always excused the one who did have class to come along too. SO! it was always an auntie dorothy adventure with them - masked in school field trips. eheh. and i found a kind of joy when i was mistakened by other parents as a parent! :)

    wow, that came out of left field..! but that's why i love blogging :) let's stay connected!

    your newest follower,