Packing 101

7:20 PM

I confess: I am the #1 worst over-packer in the universe. I'm not joking when I say that my suitcase was busted and taped by Southwest Airlines the last time I picked it up at a baggage claim. Thankfully nothing was lost.

Overpacking is a different story for another day. A long time ago, my sister told me when I was packing to always bring 2 certain things. We recently added a third.

1. A swimsuit. Regardless of whether you're going to the mountains to ski, the beach, or a random relative's house in New Mexico, you never know if you'll need it. Hot tubs, hotel pools, and water gun fights are always possible. It's small and you'll never be sorry you stuck it in a corner of your suitcase.

2. Dress clothes. Unexpected dinners, church, and oh-so-many other events could warrant a dress and snazzy pair of heels. Overdressing will always be better than feeling awkward for being too casual!

3. Running shoes. Chances are you've been trying to get looking good for the trip, even if it's just a weekend. Keep up with your workout plan! You'll feel better about yourself all day. You also never know when you might end up on a hike or participating in a sporting event!
What do you always take on overnight stays?

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