The most difficult easy craft ever!

10:35 AM

The other day whilst browsing pinterest I came across a fun little project that I thought my kids would really enjoy.  This pin just about did me in.  Sheesh.  It looked like a pretty darn easy project.  And really it is.  The problem was finding the supplies.  I couldn't find the actual instructions to the project.  I just had the pin to work with.

I KNOW that I have seen these cute little mailboxes every year in the dollar section at Target or somewhere similar.  However, for some reason they were almost impossible to locate.  I ended up going to:

- JoAnn
- Hobby Lobby
- The Dollar Store
- Wal-mart

I FINALLY found them at the third Target I went to.  All told it took me about 3 days to track these ridiculous mailboxes down.  But I found them. They were only $1, and I was really excited that they were available in 4 colors and that the colors matched my heart garland!  

Then came the challenge of finding a stand to put the mailboxes on, cause I think they look WAY cuter that way.  I went to:
- Wal-mart
- Lowes
- JoAnn

The problem was I didn't want to spend a lot of money on stands.  At long last I found a package of eight unpainted wooden spools at JoAnn for $5.

The assembly went super quick once I finally got all the gosh darn pieces gathered up.  I spray painted the spools with paint I already had.  I cut out the initials from craft paper I already had and then I modpodged the initials to the front of the mailboxes.  After the spools dried, I hot glued them to the bottom of the mailboxes!  Phew.  Seriously.  What a ridiculous project.

It was worth it, though.  My kids have spent the last couple of days sending everyone in the family mail.  I plan to put little letters and small treats in their mailboxes at random times.  I also think it will be great for my husband to be able to leave the kids little notes at night because right now he is in the middle of a super busy time at work and he doesn't usually see the kids during the week.

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