Lazy Sunday

8:07 PM

Oh how we l.o.v.e. Sundays around here!
First of all, new favorite outfit (if you can get past the dusty terrible phone mirror picture):

 Thank you, F21, for letting me feel tribal. And I can't get enough of those sleeves.
I promise it's so much brighter in real life.

And MY NEW WATCH! Remember this watch that I've been envying from Fossil, oh, forever?
VavaVOOM! Thank you present from my sister for watching her kids. It has barely left my wrist since.

Church followed by:
Long naps
Hot bath
Hawaiian haystacks (oh my yum)
And now some nice easy unpacking because, not kidding, my stuff got back into town and then a bomb went off and somehow it's everywhere. How does this happen?

Happy MLK long weekend!

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  1. Hi. Your hair is blonde and your body's hot...nice

  2. Cute outfit. And your Sundays sound a lot like our Sundays! So relaxing and fun.

  3. Your hair looks way cute like that! & I love the dress.

  4. um, so i love this dress. and you're blog is super cute!

  5. long naps and hot baths, not better combination.

    lovin' the boots by the way.