6:32 PM

I despise shopping for jeans. DESPISE! Who's with me?
1. Short girl.
2. I'm kind of a brand snob. Now that I'm poor, I am getting over that... but only kind of.
3. I'm also really super cheap. You want $40? For JEANS? {That I will wear ever day and could probably justify spending $100 on?}
4. And who really even knows their jeans size ANYWAYS?

Recently, I was shopping at f21 (recently rediscovered how much I adore this place) and I fell in love with their stock $10.50 jeans (I think they were on sale but I'm pretty sure they almost always are). Not even joking, they fit SO well, they're a perfect dark wash, and they have tons of different cuts. Who knew?!

It took me a while to decide what size to get, mostly because they use European sizing. It was good though, because I hadn't bought pants in over 2 years (I know, I KNOW) and needed to figure out my jeans size anyways.

These are the two I bought: Basic flare and skinny ankle.

So next time you need to buy jeans, check out Forever 21. You might feel super cheap but I'm seriously in love with them!

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  1. You do look super cute in those jeans :)

  2. I love F21! however I never have spent time actually looking at their jeans because I am also super picky about the way my jeans look. I will have to check them out because I am totally all over $10.50 Holy smokes!!

  3. I feel ya! I JUST found jeans at F21 this past weekend. HOWEVER. That dark wash is dying my hands and anything else it touches! haha

    Glad we're blog buds now :)