I'm a Target Girl

12:27 PM

Target may be the best store in existence.  Really!  I get so excited when I "have" to make a trip to Target.  Sometimes, I even get dressed cute and put on makeup for the occasion.  More than once I've told my husband that if he just signed his check directly over to Target each month it would make our lives a whole lot simpler.  

Right after Christmas I made an awesome find at my beloved store.  I'm not the best at making awesome clearance finds.  Mostly because I refuse to buy something if I don't know exactly how I'm going to be using it.  I lack the creativity to come up with cute projects on the spot.  Therefore, I usually walk away from the clearance section empty handed.  But not this time!  

I found these packages of die cut, felt Christmas ornaments on sale for 70% off, so each package of 3 was 30 cents!  Of course I bought 18 packages of them!

I thought for a while on how to attach them together.  I could have used my sewing machine, but let's be honest, that would have taken forever, so I whipped out my trusty hot glue gun and 10 minutes later I had these colorful Valentine's Day decorations!

I hung them on my mantel and in my living room windows!

Yesterday I made another awesome find at Target: the white cake plate I've been searching for. It was on sale, too! I don't know why it's been so hard for me to find the cake plate that I want.  I feel like it's a pretty basic piece of kitchen ware.  But for some reason it's taken me a couple of years to find one that I like.  I can't wait to have a good excuse to make a cake!

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more Sarah, Target is the best. I purchased those same felt hearts and used them as garland too! Love your cake plate!

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