Awkward & Awesome Thursday

6:50 PM

This is my first time participating in Awkward and Awesome Thursday. Get excited.

- Teaching swimming lessons to adolescent boys who are taller than you. For that matter, teaching swimming lessons to 10 year old girls that are taller than you.
- Changing in front of your 5 year old niece and having her ask what your bra is. Then when you vaguely answer that it's a bra, having her make the rhyming connection with your little nephew's nickname for your husband, Tra. "Bra? Like Tra? Tra bra?"
- Telling your landlord that one of the burners on the stove has never worked, him unplugging the burner and sticking it back in, and staring at boiling water on said burner 5 minutes later.
- Asking your landlord how many kids he has and being answered with a casual "15".
- Not being able to figure out the name of a student due to their speech impediment, and asking them to repeat/spell out their name about 10 times.

Awkward and Awesome:
- Sweating through an entire shirt every day. Awkward because that's not very ladylike. Awesome because I worked hard.

- What being in the pool/spending time in the sun does for my skin. Ahh, clarity.
- Having a clean apartment already when the landlord decides to drop in (good choice, landlord. Thank you.)
- The fact that there is still no snow on the ground.
- New Oakleys because your sister didn't like how they looked on her face (thank you Sarah!)
- Working on secret surprise projects with said sister- stay tuned.
- Getting this baby in the mail:


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  1. Oh, the swim lesson days. So awkward. All the time. haha. Sounds like a great Thursday!

  2. Ha ha ha.

    Awkward and awesome: Listening to your husband in the other room telling weird stories and making weird voices for no good reason. The realizing he's recording a book on the iPad that he made for the kids. So sweet. But super funny to listen to.

  3. LOVED getting my diploma... You work hard for the dang thing! And I like the burner thing... Nice work! Ha ha



  4. I loved these. The whole kid trying to say their name is the worst. Happens to me all the time (and not cause they have a speech impediment). After a while I just have to pretend that I caught it.

  5. congrats on your diploma!! someday, i will graduate also. you are awesome!

  6. Oh my goodness these photos are so cute! Love seeing childhood photos :)